I offer on a highly selective basis: 

  • Live sessions (2 hour min). I recommend 3 hours.

  • In Person Consultations

  • Erotic Hypnosis in person or by phone

  • Consciousness Coaching

  • Remote energy healings and clairvoyant readings

For first timers, a 20% deposit and 24 hour advanced notice are required. Remember that my sessions are holistic in nature with a strong focus on the mind and spirit. Contact me only if you understand that the nature of my sessions is to channel sexual energy for healing and spiritual awareness. This means I do not engage in BDSM only sessions (unless the interests intrigue me), sexual intercourse of any kind, any touching of genitals nor orgasms to complete the scene. Sexuality is an essential cornerstone of my sessions parallel to how integral it is to healthy living, but it is only a sliver of the methodology. 

I am certified in:

  • First Aid/CPR/AED and ALWAYS have a First Aid kit available in session.

  • Master level of Eriksonian Hypnosis with 100+ hours of experiential training

  • Master level (Level 3) of Traditional Reiki

  • Clairvoyance

  • Integrative Life Coaching

  • & I hold a BA in Psychology from NYU as well as an MA from NYU Tisch in Film Studies

DISCLAIMER: Sessions are strictly comprised of legal BDSM activities- sexual activity is prohibited. I am a HEALER, utilizing BDSM as my canvas. More importantly, I am a human being with boundaries. I reserve the right to terminate a session at any time if my boundaries are violated. 

The tribute I require for my professional work cements the D/s dynamic and covers ENERGY EXCHANGE as all activities are for the purpose of healing energetic, emotional, etheric, mental, bodily imbalances. Kink is what grounds my sessions. It is a form of play that relaxes the mind, returning us to a childlike creativity as an expressive therapeutic modality. The kinesthetic connection it offers is unparalleled. Furthermore, the display of my body on my website is a feminist statement- I love my body and do not subscribe to the shame that is implied in cultures of a woman who is comfortable showing her body. In no way does it act as an advertisement for "sexual services". It is me, expressing my authentic self and allowing the photographers I collaborate with to express themselves artistically. I never conduct sessions nude and outfits are at my discretion.

I am not a doctor, dietitian or psychotherapist. By sessioning with me, you acknowledge that in no event will I be liable directly or indirectly from damages resulting from information, data, classes or sessions provided or for the loss of profits through the use or misuse of said information and data, either via its use, negligence or other actions.