Before I met Mistress Aleta, I had no idea the practice of BDSM could be so spiritual.

My former experiences with BDSM were always quite sensual and physical, a pure way of letting out without digging deep into consciousness. With Mistress Aleta, everything seems different. 

Her healing power is magical, and it took me to places so deep in my mind that I had never discovered before. Her channeling ability is almost scary to the point that I know she fully understands me for who I am, from head to toe, and there’s nothing I can, or should hide from the outside. 

Through the process of her training, I gradually discovered many hidden memories from my past, all of which have made me who I am today, along with all the trauma, burden, and baggage that came from them. In those moments I was not only physically naked in front of her – it was as if my soul was exposed as well. With her every whip on my body and with the guidance of her words, I started learning to understand where the baggage came from and more importantly, how to let them go. After each session I had a stronger sense of purpose and direction. My body felt lighter, my inner energy felt cleaner, and my heart felt lightened. Words cannot describe the experience. 

Mistress Aleta has rendered me with much attention, love and care both during the session and off the session. Even if I haven’t seen her for months, I can feel her presence within me and I live by her guidance all the time. She is the first and the only true goddess that I have met in life, and there’s nothing more I want than to follow and surrender.


Imagine not having to second guess who you are anymore. You have greater clarity, compassion, and confidence for simply being you. Aleta is a goddess-send to my life, and has helped me develop the skillset to walk into my soul power.  She’s the doorway to change and transformation. We’re all susceptible to trauma, pain, and shame. Yet, there’s a way to be stronger from it. 

Her loving presence and her work initiates you to treat yourself with respect, love and kindness.  With her, I gained the courage and trust to shift perceptions, emotions, and habits that kept me trapped. I trust myself more than ever to heal and make the most of the cards I was dealt with because of her help.  

Regardless of the distance, I could feel her presence before each call. Stagnant energy was being cleared, old layers of muck ready to be healed, and messages from my soul ready to be retrieved. There’s multiple levels to this work, and she’s able to meet me at every level and drop in. She skillfully helped me access my higher self, my subconscious self, and many other parts of me that felt safe to come out. She opened my third eye, making it easier for me to access my inner wisdom and transition into a place of awareness. The work has also helped me muster courage to really own my voice and my power. 

When you’re aware that an old way of being has run it’s course, you know you have to do something about it. If your heart is whispering to you to work with her, you should listen. She’ll help get you to where you need to go so you’re no longer estranged from yourself, your power, your desires, and your wholeness. 


Over the last few months, I've been fortunate enough to partake in Aleta's conciousness coaching/clairvoyant remote healing sessions.  To say that it's been a period of tremendous positive change in my life would be an understatement.

I was going through a very rough patch personally and professionally and felt really stuck. Working with Aleta has changed all of that. She is a born healer, gifted empath, and has a unique ability of tapping into one's energy and intuitively knowing what's going on beneath the surface, and how to heal it.  Aleta has helped me work through some deeply buried emotions and remove the blocks which were fundamentally holding me back. 

Aleta knows how to listen, make you feel understood and validated, and then help you work through the blockage with hands-on assignments in a safe environment. Whether it's her in-person sessions or remotely, Aleta is the best (and only) at her craft in mixing holistic healing, hypnosis, kink, and life-changing consciousness coaching together to form a bespoke transformative healing experience. 

Although Aleta has a naturally soothing energy that makes me feel instantly calmer when speaking to her, she doesn't believe in quick fixes. Aleta gets to the core of the issues and gives you homework. But if you're willing to put in the work and really seek change, Aleta can help you unblock your highest potential beyond your wildest dreams.

Meeting Aleta was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I can't recommend her enough to anyone seeking to achieve a higher level of consciousness, productivity, and clarity in your life.


Aleta Cai is a perfect balance of strength, true kindness, and sensuality. I have never met anyone else who can simultaneously take to the darkest places you can endure while still radiating a sense of warmth and love. Intuitive and empathic are hardly a strong enough words to describe how easily and genuinely Aleta will understand you. For me, my work with Aleta was not only transformative, but necessary. 

While most people would probably never know it if they met me, I had an extremely dark upbringing that contained both physical and psychological violence. Aleta was able to grasp that immediately and help me to feel all that I had hidden away. I have done great work on my own and in therapy to work through the many issues I had been given. But I came I reached a point where I realized I would never be able to think my way through my problems because I was disconnected from my body. In her own very unique way, Aleta reconnected me with my body in way that no other practice could and I have been set on much better path.

If you're reading this testimonial and feel a connection to Aleta somewhere inside you, reach out because that feeling is almost certainly a very deep truth. 


It has been over a month since my hypnosis session with Miss Aleta Cai. Even tonight during the quiet spaces I hear her calling. 

During the session itself she guided me into a calm space where she soothed my heart and mind with a grace and love I’ve never felt. The only way I can describe the emotion is the nostalgic longing for home being fulfilled. 

She still comforts and soothes me when times are difficult even though we haven’t spoken in over a month. I don’t know where her journey leads or how it ends, but I’m a full fledge convert. If she ever asked me to follow her, much like Peter, I would cast aside everything just to sit at her feet.

Love ❤️ 


I didn't know what to expect from a remote energy healing. When the time arrived, I felt a great sense of comfort and a pull toward Aleta. As the energy began surrounding me, my hands and feet started vibrating and I found myself drifting off into a dream. In the dream, Aleta was standing in a room radiating a blinding light. I felt compelled to run to her for comfort and healing, but the light was too bright to face. She told me to get down and crawl to her, that healing starts with a posture of humility. The further I crawled the more whole and home I felt. 

When I came to, pain in my hip and foot were gone. The healing took place a week ago and I still find myself consuming her words and videos. She truly is divine.


Aleta truly is a master of her craft. From the moment you meet her you feel at ease. I am usually terrified of meeting new people, but during my consultation alone with Aleta I felt so comfortable. Her judgement-free, empathic nature helps you feel safe and allows you to be open and honest, which is so important in every context. Not just in BDSM but also in the spiritual nature of Aleta's work. She gives everything into, not just her sessions but, her consultations too. 

A week after our meeting, just from that one hour, I can say I am STILL feeling her presence. She helped me let go of the negativity within myself and to listen to my body (something I personally struggle with) as it likes to physically manifest it's stress in very sensitive areas, like my kidneys and sacrum. With Aleta's guidance and support I am now back to a happy default and I really can't thank or recommend her enough


I have sessioned with many lifestyle/pro dommes but the experience with Aleta is completely different. I felt so much relief after the session. Aleta was a true goddess. I have never seen someone so divine and so in control of everything. I never thought I needed healing because I see myself as a very strong minded man. But Aleta made me surrender myself to her. All my guards dissolved and for the first time I felt completely vulnerable. I felt like a kid. I didn't need to pretend to be someone that society expects me to be. I could just be myself. All my concerns were gone. I was a true free man.

3 days after, I can still feel the healing. Now I am just a happier person and I can see through life and not be bothered or concerned by small things. This is a defiantly life-changing experience and I am so glad I met Aleta.


Of all the experiences I've had with ESP professionals, Aleta gave me the most specific, profound, and enlightening reading by a long shot. Her voice speaks the truth straight to your soul. I was moved to complete stillness - shocked by the accuracy of her revelations and, at the same time, unsurprised by the natural truth that resonated throughout my whole being. I was immediately liberated. I felt like I was seen and known for the first time in my life. Aleta is exceptionally receptive to the deepest levels of truth we can access as human beings. Her clarity is pristine and she communicates purely. I highly recommend discovering the divine wisdom that Aleta embodies. She expanded my universe more than anyone I've ever encountered. I'm forever grateful.


My session with Aleta was a very powerful experience. I was initially very nervous but I felt a sense of calm as soon as I walked in. Aleta is the kind of person that you immediately feel at ease enough to share things with. Another thing I immediately noticed about Aleta and throughout the session is that she is unbelievably present; more than I have ever experienced with anyone else before. She is 120% engaged and with you.  I have done some BDSM sessions in the past but never in the context of spiritual/holistic healing. I felt sensations that I haven't felt before. Aleta stresses that the only way out is through, and I've internalized it. During and after the session, I feel more open to accept things and to let go of the past, which has provided me with a real sense of relief. I also felt bursts of inspiration and enlightenment, and a renewed energy wash over me. Aleta has helped me discover and unlock my full potential which all exists deep within. 

In the days following the session, I feel a lot less anxious and a sense of calm. I don't try to control everything around me and I just let the universe do it's thing. I've also been dreaming of things that I completely forgot about which is an indicator of the subconscious sorting things out and doing a "spring cleaning". 

Carrying the heaviness from the past has been weighing me down and finally letting go has allowed me a sense of peace, and I'm open to accepting new blessings that the universe sends my way. I feel like the journey has only begun for me, but I'm glad that I embarked on this journey with Aleta. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Dear Aleta,

In the week since our time together, I have tapped into a renewed sense of direction and purpose. You helped me take action against an overwhelming sense of anxiety and paralysis. During our session, I felt an incredible mix of vulnerability, safety, relaxation, and arousal. It truly was the first time in a while that I felt like I was living completely in the moment. Ceding control and letting down my mental barriers for you was immeasurably rewarding. You violated me, healed me, and brought me back to earth feeling more whole than before. 

I'm eager to explore more with you and venture deeper into your style of healing and play- our session only scratched the surface.

I'd love to submit to you again in the not-too-distant future, if it would please you.

Thank you for everything


At first I was attracted to Aleta from her pictures, but I felt something more pulling me toward reaching out to her in order to book a session.  Once I read how her sessions are different from the standard BDSM experience, I was even more intrigued.  My experience was more spiritual cleansing than BDSM (however some BDSM elements were still involved).  I had been working a considerable amount over a long period of time and just needed an adjustment from within to relax and to put me in a more positive frame of mind.  She was absolutely amazing.  I spend 3 hours with her and almost a month later, I am still feeling the affects of her energy transferring into me.  She also helped me to apply some methods for myself when I am unable to see her.  I would highly recommend her to anyone, as she is caring, patient, and has an unexplained power that does truly work.


In my adult life, I’ve felt as though I’m some foreign musical instrument behind glass in an ancient history museum. People glance at me, struggle to imagine what sound I might make, and quickly move on to the next exhibit. Specifically, despite my outer appearance, I’ve been longing to conquer the fear of expressing a profoundly feminine part of my identity. After the weight of this isolation and misunderstanding built up over the years, I can’t really describe how touched I was by my session with Aleta. I can offer no better description of the experience than to say that I felt she already knew how to produce sound from that metaphorical instrument. Her guided meditation, thoughtful questions, and energy were like carefully-timed plucks, strikes, and bows at my soul and I could feel a quiet place inside me begin to resonate, building into a beautiful scream... My eyes watered. Yet, the room was so quiet and calm. The analogy is appropriate because, since then, I feel the echo hasn’t decayed. She instilled in me a belief that I could find community and belonging if I throw away my fears and inhibitions. This belief is making itself heard in my life since. 


Dear Mistress Aleta Cai:
The session yesterday was incredible. I'm feeling invigorated and filled with the sense of unlimited possibility... Hard to put into words that don't sound like clichés... But I will try:
You have a very powerful presence that is at the same time both serious and playful. After watching several of the YouTube videos you've generously shared online I felt safe giving myself over to you, but I was also aware that you are multifaceted and that some of those facets are terrifying (in a way that is, of course, delightfully thrilling). Without giving away too many details that might require a SPOILER ALERT, I just want to say that you have an amazing intuitive sense of just what to do, when to do it, and (I suspect) an even deeper subconscious awareness of the "why" behind all of it. I felt a strong and instantaneous connection develop between the two of us which I look forward to exploring as your whatever-you-choose-to-define-it (sub/slave/pet/servant). I sincerely thank you for guiding me on a mind/body/spirit journey that was powerful/healing/amazing.
With devotion, love & respect for who you are and what you do,
I am yours


I have had the privilege of serving as Mistress Aleta's personal slave for the past 4 months.  My main duties are cleaning her home, completing handyman projects and running errands. It has been, without a doubt, the most personally rewarding and fulfilling kink relationship of my life.  Every time I leave her apartment I feel like I'm glowing and can't wait to see her again. Being in her presence is the highlight of my week.  In only a few months, she has transformed my life.

Obviously, her website makes it clear how beautiful and alluring she is.  But no website can convey just how personable and kind she is. She has a sincere interest in my life and well-being.  She has motivated me to work out more and break out of my shell with others. I know she wants me to be a better person and takes the time to help me achieve that goal.  Her concern is deeply touching.  I have never served anyone else who has offered me tea, or performed crystal therapy, or interpreted my dreams.  Her effect on me has carried over to my vanilla life and at work, where I am more confident and outgoing.

I feel completely at ease when I'm around her, even though I am usually naked and wearing a pink chastity device.  It's all the more wonderful because she bought me the chastity device as a gift.  I had another one when I first met her, but she noticed it would slide off, so she got me a different, smaller, model!  The new chastity device fits much better and now we're experimenting with me wearing it for longer and longer periods.

After all that she has done for me, I can never repay her kindness. My greatest joy is making her happy and doing whatever I can to make her home more comfortable.  I truly hope that I can continue to clean her bathroom, scrub her dishes and run her errands for decades to come!


Exploring kink and BDSM is a conduit for me in removing blocks in my life and to continue on my path of personal growth. Change and transformation are beautiful things, if you are brave enough to seek it. But it does not come easy. Most souls either do not try or give up and remain stuck. I am on a path of change and I am always trying to get the next step in my evolution. And that is why my path crossed with Mistress Aleta. She is my Divine Goddess that is here to generate and aid in my transformation. At this point, what I am specifically looking for, is a deeper connection to the divine feminine, more abundance and unconditional love. So Mistress Aleta as brave and fearless as She is, decided to help me with this journey. I am eternally grateful for this.

It was deeply immersive. It was time for change and transformation. It was a three day cleanse, layered with energy work, kink, detox, silent meditation, healing and soul searching. The venue was the mountains, away from civilization, quiet and closer to the Gods and Goddesses. But more importantly it was away from all distractions. This is so i could enter into the theta state of mindfulness. 

After the clearing ceremony, Mistress had me transform into her puppy. Hood, paws, feet mittens etc. i was made to sleep in a puppy cage and all verbal human interactions ended. i was stripped of my human existence. i was Her puppy. Puppies don’t speak they bark and yelp and do puppy things. i was fed my diet of juices (we both juice cleansed) in a doggie bowl and lapped it up like a puppy. No detail was spared, i had to quickly embrace the headspace of being a puppy. No longer human, stripped of all my human belongings and ego. it is about letting go and deep submission. Why did Mistress do this to me? It was to open up my Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras. Control, Creativity, self confidence and abundance. The puppy predicament was perfect for these things. It forced me to manifest these things.

By nature i am always doing things, i cannot lay still. so this was a challenge on multiple levels - the juicing, the puppy gear, the cage, the stripping of my human form and ego. i had to transform and adapt to my new form, a puppy. Totally dependent on my Mistress for everything, Whether it be food (juice) or to use the bathroom. When i had to pee, Mistress would either take me outside on a leash and i had to pee just like a puppy, or she would train me to use the puppy pad.  Sounds humiliating doesn’t it, no, it was liberating. Mistress even brushed puppy’s teeth in the morning to remove that puppy breath. She was teaching me to let go. She was targeting the Solar Plexus, Third Eye and Throat Chakras. Teaching me trust, unconditional love, truth, letting go, expressing myself better, and being still. Why did I need this? Because I hold back with my throat chakra for one. after the cleanse, I have become more vocal, especially at work. Stating my opinions and suggestions more freely. Also, vocalizing my emotions and needs more openly with others. 

One the first day of this journey and as part of my cleansing and detoxification, Mistress prepared a special bath infused with various elixirs and had Her puppy spend two hours bathing and in deep meditation. At some point during this bath and in a deep state of meditative trance, i witnessed a form leave my body and float away into the mountains. I recall this vividly, it was white, almost angel like with wings, smiling and floating away. It was something leaving me and aiding to the transformation. An out of body experience. This was a profound moment, it was moving and powerful. 

Later that day, in order to further my submission and letting go, Mistress bound me with rope and placed a doggie bone gag in my mouth. i had to go to bed that night bound, so that i just let go. Otherwise, i tend to find things to do. Mistress was working on my Heart chakra- Spending time on myself, letting go of controlling everything and creating a balance between intellect and emotional. 

Day Two:

Getting deeper into the puppy headspace and subspace, I was on my path of cleansing and detoxing. The night before a lot of negative energy left me. The shedding had begun. My shoulders felt lighter, it is usually where I hold a lot of stress. 

Mistress performed energy work on me, yanking out, like removing fish hooks from my sacral and solar plexus chakras. Removing blocks that made me fearful, anxious and less confident. I felt warm and drained after that. These residual blockages were from years past, feelings of abandonment and loneliness. Mistress was liberating me from these blocks and She sure did. Mistress Aleta petted Her puppy a lot. Showing puppy her unbounded love. Soothing puppy's soul. It made me feel loved and safe. Amazing Mistress Aleta.

Since puppy needed some exercise, Mistress tethered Her leash to Her pup in such away that i had no choice but to follow Her. Mistress had her puppy walked around in nature, puppy picking sticks and Mistress teaching puppy how to behave. Mistress used the clicker to train and reward puppy for good behavior. After all, I am Her puppy. She was training me to submit, follow, obey and comply. All the steps required in worship of the divine feminine. 

When puppy mistakenly spoke, Mistress was quick to punish puppy. A doggie bone gag was immediately secured to Her puppy. This was teaching me submission and obedience. It taught me to give up control and follow obediently. At some point, Mistress told Her puppy to go lie in the cage. She sensed that my back was hurting. She was right. Mistress is so energetically connected to me that She feels what I feel. Releasing all those emotions and blocks can only happen when one if subjected to highly transformational rituals. 

Day Three:

Mistress had told me at the very beginning of this journey, that in order for me to worthy of being collared by Her, that i needed to go through everything She put me through. A rite of passage, so to speak. 

It has taken me a week to write about this, however, the transformation still continues and changes in my life, evolving for the better.

Using all of these techniques, energy work, crystal healing, puppy play, detoxification, Mistress aided in my transformation. i already feel the change in my life and it continues to change rapidly. All for the better. 

Thank You Mistress Aleta


I had my first session with Aleta almost a month ago.  It was amazing.  I wanted to let some time go by before I wrote my thoughts to make sure I had some perspective beyond the immediate afterglow of the experience.  But the afterglow continues.  I, as I am sure many before and since, was first attracted by the beauty and sensuality that exudes from Aleta’s photos.   As I read her writing and watched her videos, I sensed that she has power far beyond her appearance.  She clearly is extremely intelligent, thoughtful and complex.  There also is an openness and vulnerability that can come only with great self-awareness and confidence. 

When I met Aleta in her room at the Gramercy Park Hotel, my impressions were confirmed, but there was so much more.  Being in her presence was intoxicating.  Above all else, there was an energy I had never experienced before.  It is a cliché to talk about someone getting inside your head, but that is exactly what it felt like.  She knew what I was thinking before I did.  She knew exactly what buttons to push and how.  I would have done anything she asked of me.  When Aleta touched me with her perfectly manicured hands, I could feel her energy enter me.  When she placed her hands on my head, I literally felt an electricity shooting down my body from my crown to my cock.  Her expert fingers on my nipples made me feel like I would explode.  In addition to being the most sensual and satisfying session I have had, it was unique.  I left with an energy and sense of calm that has stayed with me.  I cannot wait for next time.


When I contacted Mistress Aleta, I already sensed that she was not your average Domme. She resonates at a higher frequency. BDSM is an extension of her spirituality and her tool for evolution, growth and healing. This is what drew me to her. 

My devotion and submission to Mistress Aleta stems from the fact that I knew it was time for me to move to the next level. And I knew that Mistress Aleta would be the person to do that. My submission to Mistress Aleta is to her divine feminine influence. 

I choose to remain chaste for Her, so that my sexual energies are focused on pleasing Her.

Finally the day approached that I would meet Mistress Aleta in person.I was ready in my submission. She walked in and apart from her beauty she possessed this magical aura. I felt that immediately. She instructed me to undress to my panties and wait for her while she changed. She also had me lay out all my panties for her to see, so she could pick one for me to wear for the next day.

She looked exquisite in her high heels, serpent stockings and corset. She started of by first warming me up with some spankings and flogging. She then had me lie down. she performed a cleansing ritual. And immediately she locked her property up. She then instructed me to get on all fours and bound my hands together with rope. She then proceeded to awaken my root chakra in the most amazing way. She kept this awakening going for a long time - during which I had 7+ internal releases. They were magical and caused my entire body to tremble and shake. I could feel her energy from her root chakra entering my root chakra via her heart and shooting out through my crown. I belonged here and still am. I was so open to her and accepted her energy with gratefulness. Being totally exposed on all fours, feels so primal yet spiritual. It was an honor to be exposed in this way to the divine Goddess. Free from fear, shame or guilt.

She unbound me and then had me stand up with my arms against the wall and my butt out. She then spanked and flogged me. After which she had me on all fours and continued with the flogging and then proceeded with the riding crop. She asked me to take the pain for her, which I did obediently. She reminded that it is thought pain that we find release and heal. I could not see what was happening, but then she said to get ready for the wax. Even before she finished saying that, I felt the drops of hot wax fall on my back. Interestingly I noticed I felt the pain on my upper back so she continued to drop wax in that area, and told me to breathe so the stress would be gone. Mistress Aleta was constantly reminding me to take the hot wax and breathe through it, as only then she said there will be growth. She did breath work with me and then I noticed I stop feeling it as much. 

When she placed her hands around the chakras that needed further opening, she immediately picked on certain emotions that were holding me back - hurt pride, abandonment, betrayal. She rid me of these negative emotions that were no longer needed. The opening had happened. Amazing! How she picked up on these things, is due her spiritual intuition.

There were moments where Mistress Aleta intuited certain things, such as my favorite number. She was able to tell that my root chakra was open and balanced because I came from a stable home.

I must say, it was a magical and powerful experience. I write this the next day and have to say I feel drained as she released a lot of stored up emotions that were no longer serving me. I am also more in submission and devotion to Her. 

Thank You Mistress Aleta.


I was attracted to Mistress Aleta Cai by the way she represented herself on her website.

I decided to book a session for a few hours and what I experienced was truly incredible. While I had sessioned with other dominatrixes in the past it had been a long while. Rest assured what ensued was several notches above expectations. An eleven on a scale from 1 to 10. Her appearance is certainly striking, even in comparison to her photos. But, the most amazing thing is her power and energy. She made me feel it even before laying a hand on me. She had complete control over me using only her mind but immediately placed me in a humbler to make sure she had my submission. There was no escaping.

Mistress Aleta is masterful and knows how to tailor a session to achieve the best chemistry. She has so much intelligence and a very wide variety of interests and methods. They are all uniquely delivered and she knows how to make you experience many new emotions. Pleasure and pain are really just the basic ones with this dominatrix. The other ones you will feel are the reason that I will not only try to see Mistress Aleta again but will never seek another dominatrix. There's simply no need. . . . . . . theres just no other way to experience what this dominatrix has to offer. 


It's been 2 weeks since my session with Mistress Aleta and i feel like new.  She pushed me (hard), calmed me, and i left with a renewed sense of purpose that has been with me ever since.  She read me perfectly - anticipating my reactions, feelings, needs.  the session has been on my mind nearly every day - i know the people around me see a difference.  i think it's simple - i feel awake for the first time in a long time.  i am grateful.


The first thing about Aleta is her beauty. It’s unmistakeable. You can see it in her pictures but when you meet her she’s just as beautiful. I kept thinking to myself, how is it possible to look like that?

But she has a command that’s far beyond that. Almost mystical. She seems to know what I’m thinking before I do. Around her I can stop trying to be who I am, because she knows who I am, and so all I have to do is what she tells me and everything always works out.

It’s this intuition, harder to see when just looking at her beautiful pictures, which sets her apart from so many other dommes.

I had been feeling awful when I went to see Aleta last Saturday. It was just after the election and I couldn’t sleep. I used to work in politics and the election upended my life. So I went to see Aleta, and I was lucky she could make time for me.

When I arrived I think my energy was all over the place. She knew it immediately. I was tied in knots. But when I saw her I calmed down. She told me to strip and kneel and wait for her like that in the hallway.

She reappeared in a corset stockings and led me on a leash into the other room. She wrapped me in black and blue vet wrap, leaving my penis out and cutting holes for my nipples, then pushed me back onto the bed. I was completely mummified and couldn’t move at all.

She gagged me with a perforated rubber ball gag and pulled a hood I had brought over the gag. I had already told her that I’d be able to breath so that was good. And she put headphones with music playing lightly over my ears so I couldn’t hear anything else or see anything.

That’s when she started sticking needles in me. Normally this would be too much pain but my pain tolerance spiked. She knew how to work with my pain tolerance to make me take the pain. And the only thought I had was how to make Aleta happy. She would lift up to stick a needle in and I would try to follow her but she’s push me back down. First one, then two in each nipple. Two in my penis. Then she sat back on my face and squeezed.

After that she sounded me and placed crystals on my chest and stomach. I had felt so frenetic when I arrived but by this time I was calm and completely in my body.

When she finally let me out I was sad it was over, but also so happy. We sat on the couch together and I leaned against her beautiful chest and sighed. I went home much calmer than when I arrived. Inspired. And ready to go to work.


My interests were in small penis humiliation, flogging, chastity and worship, and, ultimately, emasculation.

Mistress Aleta allowed me to massage Her back while I was locked in chastity. At that point I hadn’t ejaculated for about 10 days. While massaging Her, the rest of the world seized to exist. She is the most precious thing I ever touched. Being so close but infinitely far away made me want to worship this Goddess even more.

Eventually, Mistress Aleta put me in a cage. As soon as the cage was locked, She removed my chastity device. But I came right after She straddled the cage. Seeing Her boots and slender calves dangling left and right and glimpsing the bottom of Her panties through a hole in the bench was too much.

After my premature ejaculation, punishment was in order. The most amazing thing happened as I watched Her in a mirror, focused on lashing my butt: She became my mother. I became so sad about disappointing Her with my inferior organ and She punished me and took away some of my shame and made me feel a little bit better. To be continued soon.

The beautiful Mistress Aleta truly got into my mind. If you are looking for a highly intelligent and feminine Mistress who will truly understand you and your needs, someone who will forge a connection with you and guide you to a more joyful life (and albeit darkly so), I do not hesitate to recommend Mistress Aleta. She is a true, flawless beauty with a devious mind to match.


Growing up a woman like Aleta Cai would leave me speechless, unable to interact. It’s a weakness I’ve been working on; her power remains. The attraction I feel for her is the start of rabbit hole that is quite deep. I’d like to think that after a few sessions I know enough about her to be a good slave.

One can hope.

She certainly understands me well enough. There is a gift there in her, an ability to read thoughts.  It might come through the eyes, it might come from an emotional connection, I’m not sure exactly what it is yet.  We’re exploring a few subject – control and humiliation for now. The last set of sessions lasted 6 hours over two days and was the most intense subjugation I’ve experienced. She has a laugh, it’s this high laugh, and it works a bit like Pavlov’s bell on me. When she wants to, she can cut you with words as well as pain to make a point.  She has humiliated me more thoroughly and more deeply than anyone, ever.  I loved all of it and can’t wait for more.

Aleta Cai looks better in real life than in pictures.  There’s poise and grace that is hard to capture in a still image. She has an incredible power that radiates through her, knows exactly how to use it.  It felt as if her will was in me from groin to skull. I was fortunate enough to be able to look in her eyes. She was able to take me from pain to pleasure to curiosity to gratitude at what seemed to be a curl of her lips.  It was so intense I had trouble focusing my eyes.

The day prior to that she intoxicated me with an enema. I had been let out of chastity, which had had me mentally broken.  She took me deeper.  I was begging, and crying for any sort of release. I was leaking. The cage was horrible, but somehow tolerable because she wanted me in it.

I can’t wait for more, I don’t know what wellspring of energy she’s drawing on but it’s powerful fucking shit. She’s easily one of the best dommes in the world. She has a combination raw talent, practice, and passion that you might not pick up on in a vanilla setting. Like I said earlier, her physical attractiveness is the start of a slippery slope.

Receiving her attention makes me feel like a very lucky man.  Thank you Aleta.


I saw Mistress Aleta Cai at her previous place of practice. She was wonderful then so I was naturally estatic when she not only gave me the opportunity to serve her once again, but remembered me. She correctly advised for us to take it slow and get re-aquianted with each other, through several e-mails and many phone calls through niteflirt. I am glad we went about it that way, because when we session the nerves weren’t as high and we were like old friends. If you had to choose one mistress to play with and explore deeper meaning with, I can’t Imagine anyone better. She’s very professional and takes the time to study each sub. Most importantly she genuinely cares about you as a human. If you desire a deeper meaning while playing with a mistress on the top of her profession, a mistress of other-worldly beauty that no words can properly convey, you can’t go wrong with Mistress Aleta Cai. As an empath she knows exactly what boundaries to push you to and crave. Words can’t properly express how thankful I am to have her in my life, she is a main motivation and a most welcome muse guiding me through my life and depression. I am her loyal servant and can’t wait to continue this journey of self discovery with her as my supreme muse.


Mistress Aleta is the most beautiful pro-domme in New York. She has a mind to match. She’s a natural at what she does. Like breaking in a horse, she innately knows when to use the whip and when to say “shhhh, it’s ok.”

Every time I visit mistress Aleta Cai, I strip and kiss her perfectly maintained feet. She uses me as a foot stool and table while we catch up.

After that, each time is different because she is always breaking new ground and I always leave in a trance. From smothering, mummification, urethral sounds, choking, to sissification – everything painful and humiliating becomes pleasurable when enacted by such a gorgeous woman.

Some dommes are just dominant women. But Mistress Aleta has so many qualities that make her 100% actually deserving of true worship.  I genuinely want to serve her, not only because she’s so pretty but because she’s so damn cool.

The only downside is withdrawal. After spending time with Mistress Aleta, other women seem duller and time spent not serving her seems like time wasted.  So I keep coming back and she keeps beating me and for that I am extremely grateful.


Having seen Mistress Cai before, i could not resist the temptation to serve Her and to be punished by Her again. my very first session Mistress Cai was great, boundaries were pushed in the most safe and exciting way; Mistress Cai’s physical beauty is the best and unforgettable and She resembles the true Goddess i was born to serve. However, all the happiness vanished when i learned that she left the place where i served her and i could not locate her again, i thought she left the Femdom scene. All of a sudden, i learned Mistress Cai is still active and trains her slaves independently, it was Christmas in May for me. I wasted no time in contacting her and arranging a session; the session started way before the actual day. Mistress Cai wanted to learn as much about me as possible and asked me to complete a few written assignments before the session and She greatly utilized those assignments to torture me during the session.

The session is a 3-hour extreme torture and punishment session, with a great range of torture devices and techniques involved. I asked for no safeword.

Mistress Cai put me in predicament bondage through out the session. W/we started on the floor with me having all-fours on the floor and a red high-heel attached to my face and hands tied behind my back. i initially thought i could handle it with out much problem, but i was wrong. Mistress Cai further put my balls in a humbler and attached them to my feet, any movement in my body will result me pulling my them. i soon started shaking and could not keep the heel of the shoe on the floor. The result is: more punishment. Mistress Cai canned me with a very thin cane, each strike sends an feeling like electric shock through my body and making me pulling my balls with my feet. After caning, followed flogging and some whipping. Later, Mistress Cai didn’t need to do anything at all but i was in extreme pain: the stone floor was extremely hard on my knees (which was supporting my whole body), my back hurts like hell because i had to keep the heel on the floor and my balls turned purple because the bondage and constant pulling from my leg. To release me from some of the pain, Mistress Cai kicked me to the side, releasing the extreme pain from my knees, at the same time, i almost ripped my balls off with my feet. It was worth noting that i was humiliated during entire time. In the assignment Mistress Cai gave me, i listed that been put on a hook during O/our first session gave me a blush and made me a slut, the mental humiliation was no less painful/enjoyable than the physical pain. At the very beginning, Mistress Cai wrote slut on my body and my face with her lipsticks, asking me to repeat “i am a slut”. 

Mistress Cai was happy to a certain degree and she released me from the predicament bondage; she allowed me to worship her feet and her perfect body. It was such a great experience but it did not last long. Soon, the ballbusting and trampling started. Her new boots were not forgiving, the ridged and hard bottom were like knives, every step on my body and my private part came with extreme pain; the spikes on the boots were also extremely scary. It was luck that Mistress Cai did not kick me for very long, but i still ended up with some purple bruises on the private part.

The last part of the session was pure predicament: my hands where tied to the ceiling, my legs separate, a ball gag with nipple clamps were put on, the hook was tied to my head and i thought i almost fainted during the process, my balls were tied both my head and Mistress Cai’s boots as weight. To sum up, if i move any part of my body, the rest will hurt; i was constantly making the decision on whether i should drop my head a little bit so that the hook could be released a little bit at the expense of having my balls pulled harder. When Mistress Cai said that said she wanted to keep me in that position for a long time, she meant it. i slowly felt that all my strength was used up and all the predicaments started to hurt a lot more. To make it worse, Mistress Cai inserted needles in my cock; to be honest, it didn’t hurt that much but the mental part was extremely difficult for me.

To sum it up, the session was really great, i was in pain and on the edge all the time and it was exactly what i hoped for. i was such a lucky person to spend 3 hours with Mistress Cai, serving and being punished by her. More importantly, i felt extremely safe in the 3-hour no safeword session; in fact, it was one of the most comforting experiences in my life and i trusted Mistress Cai 100% with my life, my soul and my body.


Recently I decided to see Mistress Aleta in person and I couldn’t be any happier with that decision.

While her pictures online are spectacular, they don’t do justice with how breathtaking this woman is in person. I’ve never been so nervous around someone because of their beauty. She has the type of beauty that wars have been fought over causing civilizations to crumble. Her stare is so intimidating with those absolutely majestic and regal eyes, it essentially captures your soul and puts you in a trance that makes you think that her happiness is the most important thing on earth

In session she is very engaging and super sweet, but very demanding. She is amazing at teasing. Plus she shows absolutely no mercy with the whip! To say I’m looking forward to getting to spend much more time with her and getting to know her sadistic side further would be an understatement. I would be her whipping boy and toilet slave every day of the week if it were possible.


I would have liked to have written this review while still on the amazing endorphin high after I left my session with Mistress Cai but by the time I got home it was both late at night and I had way to much school and work related projects to catch up on. With all that out of the way now, and a glass of whiskey to relax with, I figure now the perfect time.

Over the last few days I have looked down at the wonderfully brutal marks all over my back, butt and sides with a euphoric smile. When not admiring the marks, I am reminded of them each time I sit or lay down by the calming dull pain they induce. For this, I have the wonderfully empathic Mistress Cai to thank.

Our time started like so many others before; with me on my knees kissing the feet of a beautiful woman who was about to make me scream and tremble. It was only moments until I was secured to the circular bed, bent over, legs spread and totally helpless. For the next hour and beyond this was my home. I was whipped mercilessly with a single tail as Mistress Cai poked and prodded me mentally, physically and even metaphysically. She asked questions about the things that motivate me, the things I found profound and so on. We talked about Kant’s writings on phenomena and how we can never truly know the physical world due to our individual and flawed human experiences. All the while my balls were being pummeled and my back being lacerated. It was amazing in so many ways.

Mistress Cai declared that she would not stop until she drew blood. She easily accomplished this goal 50 times over as my back and sides are loaded with blood blisters and I love every one of them. The mental prodding continued. She wanted to make me cry. Physical pain did not achieve this goal that day, but I was only able to book a session coincidently on the 7th anniversary of my sister’s death which I revealed to Mistress Cai had caused me to cry earlier that day. With this revelation came an onslaught of extra hard whippings which were well timed. One pain was replaced with another. The screaming induced from the physical pain interlocked with the mental pain in an incredible moment of catharsis and vulnerability. Mistress Cai’s psychology background really shined in that moment I have so much gratitude for that. At the end of the whipping, she revealed to me that she had never whipped anyone that hard before. This really put a smile on my face. It made me feel all fuzzy that someone who I imagine wields a whip quite often reached a new level with me.

It was not long after the whipping that I soon had six very heavy weights hanging from my balls. I was released from the table, forced to (unsuccessfully) attempt a single jumping jack with said weights still attached, and then secured to the pole to be subjected to some of my final tortures. Nipple clamps were applied and I was tied up in an artful design with some rope. I was then blindfolded and subjected to sensory torture. I never really knew what was coming but in the end nothing big ever did. It was more psychological torture, like a shark circling its prey. The blindfold soon came off. At this point the pain from the weights hanging from my plums was excruciating. I only had to hold strong for a few moments longer to achieve a reward I was told. As fate would have it, the device securing the weights gave way mere seconds before they were supposed to be removed. This was something that was truly impossible to plan, but with how close I was to the finish line before they dropped, it seemed so perfectly planned. My nipple clamps were yanked off as part of my punishment which was an intense rush. My final punishment was for me to give Mistress Cai something in return for my failure. I knew the price, but it was a big step for me. Perhaps a beginning of something so much bigger to come. 

Once the session was over and I was all showered, Mistress Cai and I conversed about the ways BDSM has benefited our lives. She is an incredible empath and an intelligent goddess. I will cherish this session greatly and hope to visit again soon. Thank you Mistress Cai


First of all let me say, as great as Mistress Cai’s photos are, they are nowhere near as to her true beauty (think Earth, now think next galaxy away). Mistress Cai is absolutely incomprehensibly beautiful, I seriously couldn’t believe it was possible for anyone to be so perfect.

Mere words cannot describe what I felt and undoubtedly you will at the hands of Mistress Cai. The session and what I experienced could only be described as nearly religious or spiritual for I am a now a believer and trust me when I say you will do anything she tells you. While I had some ideas of what to expect from my limited knowledge and experience in BDSM, Mistress Cai with her giggles and innocent looks introduced me into what would become a lesson in submission, degradation, and worship. Without paddles, whips, or excessive use of pain Mistress Cai slowly disarmed me, exerted her dominance, and took control of every aspect of me. With full control what would soon ensue sent me into a state of shivers, trembles, and pure bliss. I discovered things about myself I didn’t know I liked, could like, and would now yearn. There is still much to discover and learn however, what I experienced at the hands of Mistress Cai will forever be a part of me.

I still haven’t fully gotten over the high that is Mistress Cai (I was literally shaking during and after the session!!).

I’m probably the only guy on earth that doesn’t like boobs but even I have to admit Mistress Cai’s breasts are the definition of perfection. There is no way to talk about her and not sound like some kind of advertisement, she really is what we all dream about (and everything else our subconscious holds).


Recently had 2 hours to play with Mistress Cai. So glad I did.

The turn-the-tables session on a professor by a very smart student included some of the most intense play – in many places – I’ve ever experienced. (Made the mistake of saying, “You can’t make me scream.”) Add in predicament bondage, the feared Hook, nipple torture (still sore), forced open mouth gag, and so many others… It all added up to a session that will be treasured for a long time.

This, all while Mary Poppins played in the background giving new meaning to songs like "A Spoonful of Sugar". 

More importantly, Mistress Cai is just plain beautiful, lovely, and fun. She was really into everything we did – and the conversation at the end made it even more special. Mistress Cai has such a hunger to learn and master the Art, coupled with a personality and style that is a cut above. Can’t wait for another session