BDSM & Reiki


Remote Reiki

Remote Reiki is done from a distance, utilizing universal life force energy. It is sent from a Reiki certified practitioner to where ever the receiver is. This practice works well with those of you who travel frequently and find yourself burnt out, needing stress reduction and pain relief. Remote Reiki also works on healing old wounds (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic). It not only regenerates cells at a deep level but also penetrates into the subconscious and unconscious mind breaking old beliefs and patterns. You would be surprised how much in your daily life is dictated by your own belief systems.

For each session all you need is 1 hour and a place you can lie down and be alone.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a system of natural healing developed by Mikao Usui, a monk from Kyoto, in the 1920s. It is a subtle energy transfer that is non-invasive that first made its appearance in the US in 1973. It is unique in its attunement method used by Reiki Masters. The energy transfer vitalizes the body's cells and all bodily systems (blood, nerves, organs etc..). Learn more about it here.

What is unique about BDSM Remote Reiki?

My remote reiki sessions incorporate light BDSM in novel ways to generate more connectedness between you and your Mistress. This not only has its own stress reduction benefits, but coupled with remote Reiki will make the process more exciting. The distance training is tailored to your psychology, needs and interests and adds an incentive. I understand that it's difficult to commit to self-care as a busy professional. I also offer it without BDSM.

What are My qualifications?

I am certified in Level 3 (Reiki Master). Additionally, since I serve as a conduit for the Life Force to run through me, to you- I have committed myself to both a clean lifestyle (no dairy, no processed sugar or sugar substitutes, no processed food, no alcohol, no coffee- raw food heavy + alkaline water + mostly vegan with the exception of occasional eggs/fish when needed) and to the principles of Reiki which give me maximum access to Life Force energy and aids in maintaining its purity during transfer. I commit to my health through a regimen of exercise, meditation, acupuncture and other detox & energy balancing techniques. I practice with full awareness and integrity, committed to enriching your health and vitality.

What the fuck?

I know, I feel you. If you're new to this you must be thinking what this all is- are these people who swear by Reiki insane? I wondered this too before my own healing but stopped the very next day when my life changed dramatically. I have never felt lighter, happier, more productive and focused. Not only did it clear emotional debris, but I suffered from chronic back pain because I had scoliosis that was one degree off from needing a major operation. The surgery would have put me in recovery for one year during which I would've needed to relearn how to walk. The healing took away my pain and moved my spine (I know- I did not believe this even though it was physically apparent and I had two pilates instructors look this over to confirm it- they could not believe how the changes I underwent each time I had a remote reiki session, nor could they believe how my body suddenly did exercises with ease that for the two years prior, I could not do). As I've grown in my practice and met others who Reiki/energy healing has done wonders for, I realize its power to not only expand consciousness but cure terminal diseases. 

Especially in times of worldwide chaos, it is crucial to look to holism and alternative health care. If you have also experienced issues and failures with Western medicine, or at least have noticed how prescription drug advertisements have five minutes in a six minute commercial about all the side effects from the medication that are worse than the actual ailment, then you understand that it is time to try something else.

After all, what do you have to lose by trying? Reiki won't kill you but all that stress might.

Disclaimer: You must understand that this is not a forever magical cure all remedy. It is subtle energy that, depending on your unique build of bodies (mental, physical, etheric, emotional) may need subsequent treatment for difficult and chronic issues. Additionally, it is up to you to continue with progress. Reiki is a lovely reset button and a continual supplement to your own self-care routine, but cannot substitute for your own work and long time commitment to well-being.