Hello Miss Aleta-

I hope you are well. I know it's been a while since we spoke (6 months!) but as I was reevaluating the year and everything that had happened, our time together stood out to me. Although I only had the privilege of meeting you for a small hour in the day I would be lying if I denied that hour meant more than I could possibly explain. For that, I thank you.

So much has changed in six months... 

About 2 weeks after we met, I was properly introduced to my beloved. We had met in passing before, but never really interacted. Honestly, the beginning of our relationship was difficult, and breaking down all the walls that had been building up in my life since March took time and patience... both of which he was willing and still gives to this day. 

I remember you had mentioned a "toxic female energy" you felt around me... which I ended up finding out was his roommate / a girl friend of mine. She was the one who introduced us, which we were grateful for, but at a point she tried to control our relationship to what she wanted feeling "entitled" to it because she introduced us. We worked out a lot between the 3 of us, and now I know to keep my distance from her in certain aspects. I don't think I would have had the courage or knowledge to identify this as early as I did without your guidance. For that, I thank you.

My faith & career have also gone through a massive shift, in a positive direction as well. Again, I attribute this to you. You helped me to identify and focus on that which truly makes me happy, not just what I perceive to do so. It has been a shift, an adjustment, but a welcomed one. 

I've found a great marriage of my faith and spirituality, as well as developed an awareness of my physical being... something I had mentioned to you that I constantly struggle with. All these things have helped me to lead a more fulfilling life, one that truly makes me happy. For that, I thank you.

Thank you, always, for your time and energy. Should to opportunity present itself again, I would love to resubmit with you if you are ever in the Los Angeles area. If you see fit, I hope to hear from you regarding this.

Thank you, and warm tidings to you and yours this holiday season. May your days be filled with happiness and cheer!