I think you are expressing a lot of truth in many of your videos, in precise words, always looking out for traps to step in when explaining and then going into detail, preventing people from misunderstanding stuff. In the "Gender & BDSM" video I especially liked how you explained part of socialization of men and women and the inner child concept and the fact that many (most? all?) women want to be pretty is not being vain, but the inner child talking. I really though it was mostly being vain, so I learned something new there. In general I think your videos have made me more aware of socialization differences between men and women. 

:D when you said that you know that many people have to watch your videos and pause them from time to time, I though: "Oh my…, she knows how I watch the video!" – Seriously, you are totally right, because you put in so much into one video, things that one could think about for hours, that it is a lot to digest on the fly. I also like how you are ending some videos so positively. The pauses you sometimes make serve to emphasize and not overflow the viewer even more with information. So … I am impressed and feel admiration for you putting all that out there : ) I also feel a little bit humbled in a very positive way, when considering what experience must be behind your words. If I were anywhere near you, I would consider to hope to meet you one day, but it's very unlikely, that I go to the US.

I wish you great success in fighting the unhealthy imbalances in people.