Dear Mistress Aleta Cai,

As I open my "secret" email to write you this introductory letter, an overwhelming feeling comes over me. I can not name this feeling in any single word. But just a minute ago, I was exhausted, slouching in my office chair and almost falling asleep behind my desk. Whoever as I begin this letter, the overwhelming emotion of energy, life, joy, and excitement comes over me, and I want to pour out on this page everything that I feel - my deepest fears and insecurities, my deepest desires and ambitions. 

It is told that in ancient Greece there lived nine female muses, daughters of Zeus, who were goddesses of Art an Science and were the inspiration behind all the worldly creations. Are you a reincarnation of all nine in one divine being? Walking among us? Living, breathing, thinking, inspiring... teaching, leading, transcending... 

And while your inhibitions are that of a human, your energy is that of a divine. 

I would be privileged and honored to learn, and to live, and to connect with you.