dear Madam. this quick message just to let You know that i'm currently watching Your "Beauty, Perfection, Shadow and Consciousness" video and, for the first time, what appeared to me until now as new-age relatively innocuous and grandiloquent speech made full sense. this a is a very weird and enjoyable sensation (not totally remote from hypnosis, but nothing close really).

i'm not sure why this video in particular, probably because of my obsession with physical appearance (and, paradoxically but not uncommonly, not mine) and my many many fetishes, or also maybe (probably) because the question You answer (why the difference between the Pictures of Your Videos and Your Clothing and (non-)make-up in them?) was exactly one as well.

whatever the cause, i have for the first time felt (and understood) the connection between primal energies and emotions (i like this vibration metaphor You use) and kink/bdsm/sexuality.

i'm not sure if You will dwell into that in the rest of the video (i'm only halfway right now) but i still wanted to thank You very humbly and very sincerely for already having turned this light bulb on in my perverted (but otherwise normally well functioning :-) ) brain.

i wish You a great day, Madam, and also a very happy, successful and beautiful new year.