I just wanted to tell you how appreciative I have become of you.  I think you are a rare jewel in the world of D/s.

On your website home page you write:  “Furthermore, it's completely on you if you become obsessed with me.”   So, I was duly warned.  But, alas, I am afraid it is too late for me!  Even though we have never met personally, I have become yet another among your countless admirers and worshippers.  I have very few websites that I visit every day but yours is one of them.  I also check your Instagram and Twitter pages for new activity there.  It is a special treat when you post some new photos of yourself or leave something new on your blog.  I especially love the video blogs you sometimes leave.

Of course I follow the substance of your blog entries but I especially love the video blogs because I can listen to your beautiful voice and note your mannerisms and other endearing traits.  While the weight of what you are saying is taken to heart, I love hearing and seeing you articulate your thoughts in person.  But truth be told, I would watch videos of you if you were doing nothing more than reading names from the phone book.

But it is your photos that have provided the finishing touches to my long-distance enslavement by you.  You seem so very comfortable both with your own body and with being in front of the camera.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for your photos!!!  I especially am addicted to those which show off your exquisitely gorgeous body and I study them all the time.  Whenever new ones are posted I am so grateful!  Your beauty is breathtaking and I cannot imagine any male in your presence doing other than falling to his knees or laying prostrate before you and begging for mercy.  Your looks together with your intellect make you a rare and precious jewel in the D/s world.