OK, so this session was brief but I think we (you) accomplished a lot within 60 minutes and I want to thank you specifically for 1) listening to Your slave about his faults and goals 2) putting a lot of thought on how to address those faults and 3) executing the lesson so perfectly.

1) Like the jealousy/envy thing.  The story about you told me, that story itself would have allayed envy for that specific instance.  In reality this man had nothing to be jealous of.  

However, it was in the way you confronted me about my harmful thought process-- with a lashing (something to be thankful for) after each question and a lashing (more to be thankful for) after each answer --THAT really made it click that I shape my own reality and that this envy is not a result of someone having more than me but rather 100% a result of my own interpretations.

Being whipped after a question creates a sense of urgency that leaves no room for anything but an honest reply.  Being whipped after an honest answer is cathartic.

2) The lashing itself. I typically don't enjoy corporal pain the way that some guys do but this was the most I have ever enjoyed being hit with a whip/ cat of nine tails/ paddle / Your own divine hand.  Maybe it was the repetition of saying the words, the rhythm of it?  This method really did work.  Within a few short minutes I really did feel gratitude, as in that distinct feeling or emotion that I am supposed to recognize and feel on Thanksgiving but rarely do.  Each blow was a gift.  And the gratitude I honestly felt after saying (or more aptly, being allowed to say) "thank you" for each blow was another gift - one that I hope to carry with me past today.