I want to thank you for the session.  It was the best 90 minutes of BDSM I have experienced in a long time.  And very close to transcendental.  One specific moment, bound in cling wrap on your bed, you were choking me and the air changed and I think you saw it - that is what smoking crack-cocaine feels like.  A plane of pleasure, that is locked out by biology/whatever-God-is, that can't be reached without very clever chemical or physical manipulation & coaxing.  People are not supposed to feel that way naturally.  There is something dangerous about it.  The rat scratching at the lever and ignoring food for another drop of whatever is in the drip.

Except that there were no narcotics involved.  The drug was submission and the drip is/was Your voice.  I know that when you talk about how easy it would be to kill me it is fantasy but I am not exaggerating when I say that You could have talked me into accepting Death if that is what would bring You pleasure. If we were to go further on that route, things could get really interesting.

The best part is that I fully trust You not to abuse [in the moral sense of the word] me in the moment. I feel like anything that you would want or command or would amuse you is in my best interest.  So pliable.  Because trust!

Anyway, that was great and everything was very well thought out and I want to thank You for accommodating the request of extra time.  I hope You had half the fun I did.