I had a dream about you last night. In one hand you had a leash, but instead of a dog at the end of it, there was a flame. The flame was leashed by you, but at the same time it was unleashed, flaring out in different directions as if sniffing something out.

When the flame reached me, I became transparent. Inside me, at my root, was another flame, sealed in an almost airtight encasing. In my transparent form, you could see that my body was being consumed by smoke, but your pet flame met mine, and it burned the encasing. My inner flame, in turn, was released. It burned throughout my being and I felt alive.

It is a strange timing in two senses. The first is that I have just handed in my notice at my work, because I want to focus on finishing the novel I told you about. The second is that, after a long time dormant, my sexuality appears to be awakening again, and along with it my desire to serve.