A Note from Aleta

This section is for the kind words I've received. As much as I play a role in your journey, you also play a role in Mine.

These are in no particular order and barely scratch the surface of all the sweet letters I've received over the years. Many of you say I allow you to express your deepest joy and purpose, that I have changed your life, and that only inspires Me to continue to impact all the subs I encounter positively.

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I wanted to let you know how inspiring you are as a woman to a young girl like me! I’ve been taughta ll my life to keep secrets not only about sexual desires but also traumatic experiences. Ever since I started following you I feel better and better for sharing what I really want and what I’ve been through, just by seeing how open you are about your own life and work. Thank you!

Hello Miss Aleta-

I hope you are well. I know it's been a while since we spoke (6 months!) but as I was reevaluating the year and everything that had happened, our time together stood out to me. Although I only had the privilege of meeting you for a small hour in the day I would be lying if I denied that hour meant more than I could possibly explain. For that, I thank you.

So much has changed in six months... 

About 2 weeks after we met, I was properly introduced to my beloved. We had met in passing before, but never really interacted. Honestly, the beginning of our relationship was difficult, and breaking down all the walls that had been building up in my life since March took time and patience... both of which he was willing and still gives to this day. 

I remember you had mentioned a "toxic female energy" you felt around me... which I ended up finding out was his roommate / a girl friend of mine. She was the one who introduced us, which we were grateful for, but at a point she tried to control our relationship to what she wanted feeling "entitled" to it because she introduced us. We worked out a lot between the 3 of us, and now I know to keep my distance from her in certain aspects. I don't think I would have had the courage or knowledge to identify this as early as I did without your guidance. For that, I thank you.

My faith & career have also gone through a massive shift, in a positive direction as well. Again, I attribute this to you. You helped me to identify and focus on that which truly makes me happy, not just what I perceive to do so. It has been a shift, an adjustment, but a welcomed one. 

I've found a great marriage of my faith and spirituality, as well as developed an awareness of my physical being... something I had mentioned to you that I constantly struggle with. All these things have helped me to lead a more fulfilling life, one that truly makes me happy. For that, I thank you.

Thank you, always, for your time and energy. Should to opportunity present itself again, I would love to resubmit with you if you are ever in the Los Angeles area. If you see fit, I hope to hear from you regarding this.

Thank you, and warm tidings to you and yours this holiday season. May your days be filled with happiness and cheer!

Hi Aleta,

I hope you're well. 

I've been reflecting on the past year and on the events and people that made a significant difference in my life. Your name was really high up on the list and in very bold letters :)

I just wanted to thank you for all that you've done for me in the past year and for the positive impact you had on my life, and certainly many others. 

I know that when I'm fortunate enough to have a positive impact on someone's life and find out about it, while it's very nice to hear, it doesn't necessarily make me feel any better about myself. I know people that help the whole world but they're unhappy and feel empty inside.

I want to take this opportunity to wish you a year where you are overwhelmed with at least as much blessings as the the blessings you bring to others. 

I feel very optimistic about the upcoming year!

I've been following you for a year now and I just wanted to say how much I admire your transparency and your openness. This is the first time I've seen someone with such a genuine approach to sexuality and spirituality. I wasn't sure how to articulate it until I started reading your posts. Growing up in a very conservative home I was never given the chance to see what sexual feminine energy looks like and I feel like it's shaped my experiences until now. I'm so grateful to you and your journey. Lots of love from out here in Zimbabwe

I've been slowly absorbing your website as there is so much depth and beauty to take in.

You are deep and rich, artistic and creative, vulnerable while exuding strength through greater awareness. I imagine I don't need to tell you as you likely already know.

My words overflow more from a space of energy that you evoke within me and a desire to reflect back your inspirational energy. I am an artist and a therapist, always growing. Your vid on authentic connection is exactly where I am currently unfolding... slowly.

Dear Mistress Aleta Cai,

As I open my "secret" email to write you this introductory letter, an overwhelming feeling comes over me. I can not name this feeling in any single word. But just a minute ago, I was exhausted, slouching in my office chair and almost falling asleep behind my desk. Whoever as I begin this letter, the overwhelming emotion of energy, life, joy, and excitement comes over me, and I want to pour out on this page everything that I feel - my deepest fears and insecurities, my deepest desires and ambitions. 

It is told that in ancient Greece there lived nine female muses, daughters of Zeus, who were goddesses of Art an Science and were the inspiration behind all the worldly creations. Are you a reincarnation of all nine in one divine being? Walking among us? Living, breathing, thinking, inspiring... teaching, leading, transcending... 

And while your inhibitions are that of a human, your energy is that of a divine. 

I would be privileged and honored to learn, and to live, and to connect with you. 

I think you are expressing a lot of truth in many of your videos, in precise words, always looking out for traps to step in when explaining and then going into detail, preventing people from misunderstanding stuff. In the "Gender & BDSM" video I especially liked how you explained part of socialization of men and women and the inner child concept and the fact that many (most? all?) women want to be pretty is not being vain, but the inner child talking. I really though it was mostly being vain, so I learned something new there. In general I think your videos have made me more aware of socialization differences between men and women. 

:D when you said that you know that many people have to watch your videos and pause them from time to time, I though: "Oh my…, she knows how I watch the video!" – Seriously, you are totally right, because you put in so much into one video, things that one could think about for hours, that it is a lot to digest on the fly. I also like how you are ending some videos so positively. The pauses you sometimes make serve to emphasize and not overflow the viewer even more with information. So … I am impressed and feel admiration for you putting all that out there : ) I also feel a little bit humbled in a very positive way, when considering what experience must be behind your words. If I were anywhere near you, I would consider to hope to meet you one day, but it's very unlikely, that I go to the US.

I wish you great success in fighting the unhealthy imbalances in people.

You're awesome to behold, and I don't just mean in the pretty pictures you post, I enjoyed reading through your site, the sacred spaces and secrets pages touched me. I appreciate how focused you are at being a source of transformative energy for others, when so many people in the world seem focused on consuming and taking, you're not only a giver but a bestower of power to those you heal. Also, subverting our conditioned reactions to the over-sexualized concepts built by the world around us is super radical... dare I say: sexy. Keep up the good work, Goddess; maybe one day we'll get to meet and converse deeply.

Gratitude for the divine feminine archetypes and the goddess you choose to be and mutually empower all through your discovery of self within the heaven/chaos within self/other/all. Illuminating former taboos transmuting paradigms of shame of abuse and imbuing sexual expression as a sacred art and divine healing practice meditation. I am grateful for your soul's journey and to know you exist and heal and inspire so many. Bless on

I saw your face today in a posting. My mind commented again how much I love your beautiful mind, your power which feels so graceful and radiant, your knowingness in your heart and your consciousness is divine. I appreciate you and I am grateful that you really understand the divine exchange between souls and have transcended costume, language and form, though all of those contained with you are amazing also. 

dear Madam. this quick message just to let You know that i'm currently watching Your "Beauty, Perfection, Shadow and Consciousness" video and, for the first time, what appeared to me until now as new-age relatively innocuous and grandiloquent speech made full sense. this a is a very weird and enjoyable sensation (not totally remote from hypnosis, but nothing close really).

i'm not sure why this video in particular, probably because of my obsession with physical appearance (and, paradoxically but not uncommonly, not mine) and my many many fetishes, or also maybe (probably) because the question You answer (why the difference between the Pictures of Your Videos and Your Clothing and (non-)make-up in them?) was exactly one as well.

whatever the cause, i have for the first time felt (and understood) the connection between primal energies and emotions (i like this vibration metaphor You use) and kink/bdsm/sexuality.

i'm not sure if You will dwell into that in the rest of the video (i'm only halfway right now) but i still wanted to thank You very humbly and very sincerely for already having turned this light bulb on in my perverted (but otherwise normally well functioning :-) ) brain.

i wish You a great day, Madam, and also a very happy, successful and beautiful new year.


This is true performance art. The message is clear, the art lasts only as long as the watcher stands in front of the video or photo. The search is so totally honest and open. This is dangerous art, scary to the closed down, scary to the inquisitive., moving and real.

 My personal reaction was not being able to stop thinking about the empathy and the unique and yes lovely, and compelling presentation.

Thank you.

Dear Goddess Aleta,

It is difficult to put into words the impact You have had on me over the past ten months. I have fully absorbed You, Your essence and Your teachings. Through Your videos, Your blog posts and every tweet You have uttered.

I am now full of purpose. I meditate upon You daily. Your words, Your voice, Your ass. Your wisdom. I have found my thoughts and will slowly aligning to Yours. I have let go. Surrender is beautiful and I want it more and more. It's been a process. Childhood trauma has been difficult to overcome. But the letting go more freeing than I ever imagined.

By placing You at the center, I am finding that safe space to let go and allow the pain not just to flow through but to float away. 

I am wanting more. I am always learning. I will continue to learn And to grow. Thanks to You.

You are one of the hottest Mistresses. I've been following you since you were at --. Your face, voice, body are ridiculous I could see how someone would listen to you or get slapped in the face which is another turn on. Thank you so much about how to heal from trauma. I've never heard anyone with such (I have no idea how to put it) profound, thought provoking ideas. You're the hottest, kinkiest therapist and it's a privilege to see you and listen to you and your ideas. Just imagining being with you and listening to you talk with me is something that I will fantasize about all night

 i just wanted to say i think you're amazing. i felt such a connection watching your videos. thank you for your strength and for encouraging me to acknowledge the truth about myself.