With me, you'll explore the freedom that comes with letting go. 

I work at the intersection of gender and power, the two major constructs of separation and imprisonment. When spiritualizing sexuality, we become fully embodied. We connect root to crown chakras, igniting a kundalini awakening and better energy flow so that we can both derive inspiration and make our ideas a reality. In other words: we reach the pinnacle of a well-lived life.

My healing BDSM sessions are experiential and experimental sessions that takes place on multiple levels: mind, body, spirit. BDSM is not the focus of these sessions, but rather serves as a backdrop, an extra incentive in creating change. Although this deals heavily with the mind, as the mind is the director of energy, my healings are heart centered: I truly am committed to elevating you, because when you change, you change everyone around you. 

I also offer a variety of non-BDSM, remote healings here as well as modules.

It is common to begin experiencing changes in the days leading to our session, including old emotions purging. I will prepare you prior to our session on how to handle detox symptoms. It is also common for some to experience an awakening upon our encounter, feeling the fragments that held them back, vanish. Please keep in mind that not everyone is ready- I only take those that truly live by the intention of changing for the better and I know because there is resonance.

I work extremely hard on maintaining my energy and my high vibration-- any time in my energy will be clearing. It lifts the veil of illusion, raises your consciousness, restores your biofield to its original integrity and shakes away all the energetic debris. Many of you don't even realize the extent of the pain and trauma you live with because you are so used to carrying it day to day. You don't realize until it manifests into disease. I wonder if you know just how much more there is to your life-- I wonder if you know how much peace and joy you can experience when you remove all those layers of conditioning, all those layers of the past that keep you trapped in patterns.

Remember that the higher your vibration, the cleaner and more balanced your energy centers, the more positive experiences you attract in your life. As you focus on healing your current vibration, you then attract a better life. I will help you better understand the mechanics of your life so you can live a better one.

My energy which vibrates at the frequencies of love, beauty and truth reminds you of home. I re-establish your home frequency, that which your soul, mind and body flourish, the one you lost over an accumulated lifetime of operating in this world.