Due to the quantity of inquiries I receive, I cannot respond to everyone.My sessions are not for everyone and most will not receive a reply. If you do not hear back from me within 48hrs, you may try once more. 

Please review my disclaimer carefully and refrain from asking when I'll be touring your city. I do not tour- you come to Me.

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Age, profession, marital status etc. Do you identify as a fetishist, masochist, sub, slave, switch? I ask this to better gauge your needs, boundaries and privacy concerns.
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For those who want encrypted correspondences, you may email the above information to aletacai@protonmail.ch

Phone consultations are available by appointment or via Niteflirt. Please be aware that my high vibrational energy travels through phones-- what you will receive is a healing as my energy will naturally clear your energy field and raise your vibration.

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