This program spans either 1, 3 months or 6 months. Both begin with a life changing BDSM session which will catapult you several vibrations higher. The rest of the coaching is remote with weekly calls, email support and tailored assignments towards unblocking your highest potential. A consultation prior is recommended. For subs who want a coaching track but don't live in NYC, remote training programs are bespoke.

Do you want the biggest positive change? Then we need to first commit to ourselves.

Commitment is scary especially in a world where there are so many choices. We have dating apps that give us hundreds of options, even choosing cereal means we have access to hundreds of varieties. And that's precisely why we need it. 

Did you know that making choices uses so much of our energy? That's why Steve Jobs decided on a uniform each day, so he could more effectively use the energy normally spent choosing clothes. Commitment frees us. The biggest commitment is one that we make to ourselves. We can spend all our lives living as ourselves without truly committing. We can make choices that hurt our relationship to self. In fact, we can barely know ourselves at all.

Don't worry, you're not committing to me- I act as a proxy for you, reflecting your desires, needs and goals. Sometimes it helps to have someone help keep you on track who sees your highest potential and truth. Anyone needs help no matter what age, what lifestyle. By seeing past prejudice and separation and deferring to intuition, you know who is able to help you and who cannot. Our goal is to return to freedom, joy, consciousness and purity. That's how we fall in love with ourselves and rebuild our lives the way we deeply want.