Convergence and Unification

We are one.

This might be a difficult concept to grasp from our individualistic cultural standpoint where we operate as distinct individuals, but fact is, we are part of a collective consciousness, an over-soul.

What we choose to do has a greater impact. The information we have, the light bulb moments, are coming from a higher source. There are so many instances of convergence- biologically, species from distinct parts of the world with no contact develop the same features at the same time. Even inventions like the airplane were developed at the same time in two different parts of the world. This is not a coincidence- when Divine law decides it's time for an invention, development, evolution, the information is made available. Geniuses who changed the world with their invention did not invent it on their own- they had access to source. Source selected those with the mental, emotional and physical capacities to handle the complexity of developing said invention. You will see that many musical geniuses like Beethoven, Mozart credited a higher creative power that they channeled. 

You too are channeling without knowing. Moments of clarity, intuition, of knowing when you have no other basis- and your rational mind writes it off but you later find the intuition was TRUE. YOU ARE CHANNELING because YOU HAVE ACCESS TO THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS.

Most people I've encountered have damage done to their higher chakras- whether energy imbalance in the brain hemispheres (our culture prioritizes left brain activation, leaving the creative right brain to die) and our pollutants calcify our pineal gland (our third eye, the seat of our intuition and spiritual gifts). Our crown chakras, the connection to the divine, are closed because many of us have no faith growing up (religion is not always spiritual faith, sometimes it is institutional) or are told as children to actively close it because we can't "talk and act 'crazy'" by tapping into our spiritual selves in ways that deviate from norms. This is why you experience migraines and headaches. This is a sign of a closed crown.

You need the higher chakras to connect to divine wisdom, to collective consciousness. We get downloads of information that are pertinent to our present realities and you are missing them.

Anyway- all this aside, we are one. Which means we must unify. Which means we must support our new president. I know, what am I saying? I am EVERYTHING this man is against so I should have every reason to hate and fear him and the next few years. But that's why my message carries more power because I AM everything that may be destroyed by a man like him taking a seat of power. But even still, I know I am part of one. And this is a decision that was made not just by us the people, but by forces beyond our conception. 

There is a bigger picture. You are lost in the details and of course cannot see what this amounts to. But everything amounts to something. And Light will win, it always does. Gaia has been planning this upheaval for a LONG long time and we are living in this crucial moment when she turns the motherfucking tables alongside many strong universal forces. Our universe is expanding and trading in lower densities for higher ones. We are entering into a period of abundance, but first without some rockiness. 




Stop the hatred, the negativity. It will not change anything if you continue to hate and fear. It will only damage you. You must send unconditional love and stay positive beyond all else. Unconditional love is what makes someone wake up and realize all the wrong they did, and correct it. Do not get destroyed. And do not hate someone who you do not know as a person. Do not hate anyone, period. Have compassion. What he's in for is not going to be easy and has not been. He did not know what he signed up for when he ran- he just wanted to win. 



So focus your energy there. Productively. Destroy the darkness he represents. It is time.

You are ready. You were born in this moment because you were chosen to be part of this movement, to be part of Gaia's ascension. If you do it well, you ascend too. And what you'll find there is beyond your wildest dreams. You were taught the sky's the limit- well, my friend, the sky is not where the universe ends.

Do not let lower vibrational energies cloud your field. Let go. Move up. Stay positive.

There is a bigger picture you are not seeing yet. So add to it and then you just might see it.

p.s. He won to prevent someone else from winning. America is the biggest business, and he is uniquely qualified to run businesses. Plus, he made you wake the fuck up, didn't he? You're doing things now that you wouldn't have done before- collaborating, creating. These are the important things to do at this MOMENT. It is a TIME of collaboration and creation. Trust- I'm writing from the source.