Latest Review 12/26

This was a heavy tease and denial session. I saw what looked like a light switch flip back on inside my sub. Although I did not sense emotional imbalances in my sub, I felt like there was some sort of internal veil, probably accumulated from a busy work life // responsibilities. There was a distinct moment an hour and a half into our session where his eyes suddenly had a clarity, a sparkle- I asked, "did you feel that?" his answer was, "yes, I did," with a beaming smile- he knew exactly what had happened even though I didn't say it. His face carried a new glow and suddenly, he looked years younger. I broke through and permeated his body with light  

How I achieved this? When my sub was bound to the chair, I spent quite a bit of time sending healing energy through him from his crown. This healing energy, in the context of the session, became erotically charged- he felt it surging right into his cock and it went right along with our tease and deny. I was touching him without touching him- a real mindfucker I am! :)

This was before my Reiki attunements so my energy was much stronger- that's why it felt like electricity, which even my first Reiki teacher noticed when I touched his shoulder and he tried to move away because it was so strong! Now it is gentler.

My intent: purge my sub of stagnant, old energies that were blocking his light. I likened it to giving him an internal shower.

After the session my sub reiterated how unique that experience was. I asked, "what did I do that was different from other dommes?" as I know he is experienced- he replied, "it wasn't what you did, it's how you did it,"


I had my first session with Aleta almost a month ago.  It was amazing.  I wanted to let some time go by before I wrote my thoughts to make sure I had some perspective beyond the immediate afterglow of the experience.  But the afterglow continues.  I, as I am sure many before and since, was first attracted by the beauty and sensuality that exudes from Aleta’s photos.   As I read her writing and watched her videos, I sensed that she has power far beyond her appearance.  She clearly is extremely intelligent, thoughtful and complex.  There also is an openness and vulnerability that can come only with great self-awareness and confidence. 

When I met Aleta in her room at the Gramercy Park Hotel, my impressions were confirmed, but there was so much more.  Being in her presence was intoxicating.  Above all else, there was an energy I had never experienced before.  It is a cliché to talk about someone getting inside your head, but that is exactly what it felt like.  She knew what I was thinking before I did.  She knew exactly what buttons to push and how.  I would have done anything she asked of me.  When Aleta touched me with her perfectly manicured hands, I could feel her energy enter me.  When she placed her hands on my head, I literally felt an electricity shooting down my body from my crown to my cock.  Her expert fingers on my nipples made me feel like I would explode.  In addition to being the most sensual and satisfying session I have had, it was unique.  I left with an energy and sense of calm that has stayed with me.  I cannot wait for next time.