I know- what the fuck am I doing writing about Kylie Jenner- I am so not a pop culture person

But actually I am- I am fascinated by it from a macro level because it is the NOW. It says a lot about our collective psyches and where we are headed- we are one, and ALL.

SO Kylie- I know it's the fucking meritocracy and I know it's a a moment of embracing technology but listen.. Kylie Jenner is a toxic role model. I spent a lot of time in my MA investigating cultural and theoretical notions of Beauty across the world and I would love to share this with you one day as it was my favorite (and most applicable) research. When people like Kylie are heralded as an icon, a role model, this creates problems because she is embodying NEGATIVE BODY IMAGE.

This is a girl who hated herself so much that she went and changed everything about herself- face, body, what have you. I am not against plastic surgery in any way- as I mentioned before this is a time of meritocracy and harnessing the technology that is available to us and Beauty is a major advantage. But let's distill- Kylie's message is: if you don't like your body and face, change everything. This is a total negation of body positivity and embracing "flaws" and in fact, what we should be doing is not telling people they should love themselves how they are, but erase the larger systems that dictate what are flaws and what aren't. This is what an empowering role-model would look like: Kylie declaring, yes I was taught by the people around me (entertainment industry) including my family that what I look like is not enough- but I AM enough and I am more beautiful than they are.

When did negativity become cool? Think about this-

When you see a person like Kylie who is not even 20 and she has millions of followers and likes telling her how gorgeous she is, this for her then reaffirms the negativity, the self-hatred. She may be more empowered now in our sick society because of her surgeries but this fuels her plastic surgery addiction as there is a direct correlation between how much she gets done and how successful/praised she is.

There is a difference between enhancement, self-improvement, and total self-destruction and self-rejection. Do you see what I'm saying?

It is also important to know that spirituality has a lot to do with perceptions of beauty. By becoming spiritual, your life force flows and makes you more beautiful- erases your wrinkles, plumps your lips, gives you a sparkle in your eye- I'm not kidding. You know that beautiful, powerful glow that people with healthy lifestyles and high levels of spirituality have? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. That can be yours without self-rejection. When you self-reject, you deplete. You allocate more energy to that negativity every single day. You literally and figuratively, cut a part of yourself off.

Do not disassemble- move towards embodiment. We are moving from parts to the whole.