For the men who see me, this is a re-education. This is to get you in touch with your body, your emotions, your self.

This is a world that detaches you from how you feel- most men I see say they have trouble vocalizing their emotions, and MOST men I see have blockages in their heart chakras from repressing their emotions so much that it disconnects them from people around them and in the end, from ENJOYMENT.

For you guys particularly, to learn to be WHOLE is to own these emotions and know what they are. It's like you're starting all over again in emotional regulation because in its stead, you've had to block it all out. That's not emotional regulation, that's toxic because the blocking, the heaviness will catch up to you. And it's eating away at you, your energy.

Repressed emotions manifest into DISEASE. Blocked heart chakras manifest into lung problems, heart problems in particular.