When I first heard about the "inner child" of course I dismissed it. What is this shit? I had all those associations that you might have as well- I didn't get it.

But listen, it's real. Our traumas in childhood, our emotions from that childhood are kept deep in our Sacral chakras. This can and often does manifest as diseases in the gut or in the sexual organs, in any area that's under the belly button where this chakra is. 

As adults, it's important to not only process and release these emotions/traumas, but it's also important to do the things that fulfill latent desires that you, as a child, wanted but could not have. Our society cripples that childlike wonder and dismisses it- but it's that wonder that should stay with you for life because it operates out of safety- as children you were not scared of things the same way, you had an open mind, you were curious and most importantly, CREATIVE beings.

That all got kicked to the curb as soon as you "grew up" in the way we're "supposed to"

A part of you already knows this- that's why you are drawn to BDSM PLAY because as much as it's a luxury, part of you knows it is a necessity. As adults you still need to engage in play and at least BDSM Play is for adults, but it's still similar to what we did as kids if you strip it of its D/s and sexual components. We dress us, we take on roles, we HAVE FUN. It is excellent for you to not only let go, enjoy, but to process some energetic patterns that hold you back, from childhood.

This is why I bought a snake- I had always wanted one but of course I knew I could never have one. Girls don't have snakes. I don't know if I brought it up to my parents but I assumed the answer would be no- I think my mother had a real hatred of snakes in particular- that part is fuzzy for me. It's important to break out of the norm and do the things for yourself that you now can, because now you are able to.

What would the you do for the child you, if now you could step in and either defend the child when he/she wasn't able to fight for him/herself, or couldn't achieve what he/she wanted? What would you give and what would you do, for little you?

Doing this exercise will empower you subconsciously-- I promise.