La Jetee

This is one of my favorite films of all time

Certain media grabs you and you don't know why until it's time. I recommend you write a list of the media that captured you from this year and reduce it to similar themes to know what is going on with you subconsciously & spiritually- I always knew I gravitated towards the themes of memory, duty, time travel and loss in this film.

It came to mind today as I've begun to realize through more learning, that what I've experienced in the past were glimpses of the future (and as it relates to media- you can receive a lot of premonitions in the themes you gravitate towards- life lessons, occurrences, patterns, etc). I'm not kidding- this freaks me out to think about- but even before my awakening I would sometimes just know things about the future, about relationships, that I didn't know how I knew. It turns out that people with the innate sensitivities that I do often receive messages from the future- as more and more research comes out about the nature of "reality" and the universe. Parallel time lines, past and future all intersect in the now. My transparency and sensitivity enables me to experience collapses in time/space continuum and what we have come to know as "Reality". Look it up-

Donnie Darko was onto something.

P.S. Right now is a moment of monumental shifts in our Universe. It has incrementally prepared and right now it is accelerating- we are entering a time of immediacy. You'll see.