Truth: Money Is More Than Its Representation

We know that MONEY represents much more than the signifier itself- paper, coins, numbers on a computer or on a bank statement are abstract. What we get when we have more of these objects and representations is a feeling of security and "worth". Of knowing that we have anchored our "power" materially. That if we have more, we move up on the social hierarchy and essentially, we are "worth more" than those who have less (is our self-worth so pliant and ephemeral than it fluctuates like an erratic stock?)

Many of us, because money means so much to us, will trade relationships and tangible things, even the present moment, for a chance to accrue more money. We think that money makes us impenetrable. That money makes us something more than we are. 

When we become so attached to something that creates a psychological BURDEN. Our spirits know that we are enough, but yet when we feel not enough, we need other buffers- money is one. When we create an attachment to something material, we end up BLOCKING ourselves. Our energies are impacted as are our mindsets- when we judge others for how much money they own or when we become miserly and cheap, we are sending strong energies with ramifications. Judgments of others will haunt us, because we do to ourselves what we do to others- the most critical person is living in a hell of their own construction in their minds. And when we are cheap people who hoard materially, we send a strong energy that we do not need more. Our cheapness resonates in the outside world and we lose the things we have. Our cheapness is operating out of scarcity and that's exactly what we attract more of.

Money does represent some form of security and we do need it to survive in this world. But what we don't realize is that money is energy and it requires energy to manifest it. That it's not just about slaving away in an office every day to earn it. Many of us have a belief from our families or culture that there is a glass ceiling yet there isn't, and that belief itself is what's blocking financial abundance. There is more than enough in the world if we start focusing on abundance. But let's investigate this further. 

WHAT does this tangible security represent? PEACE

Think about it. What do we want more than anything in the world? To know that we can operate day to day peacefully. That we can have enough money to be stable, to not have to think or worry about money, and ultimately that's just peace, to which stability is a precursor. We can literally sleep better at night.


The antidote to this blockage that we are creating on a large scale is to recognize what it is that money means to us individually and why. For example, growing up I never felt loved and would turn to the things I received like money or objects to establish a sense of love and worth. This created an unhealthy attachment and a cycle- I could not find my own inner love and worth which meant that I ended up in situations where I struggled with managing or attracting money. Once I really fully recognized this and that it was NOT TRUE, I let it go. I realized I was loved and that it's up to me to build my own self worth.  To me, money is nothing more than a balance of energy exchange in sessions OR a way to relinquish power and burden for some others.

I am in a place now where I would never trade self worth or self love or peace for anything material. I know I do not rely on money to be me and that it does not make me better than or less than anyone else to have more or less. I love myself whole heartedly and know I am worth so much more than anything material and for those who still see the world through money that their world is not fulfilled, that there is no joy. And I know that they want so badly to let that go but cannot figure out how to because they attach to it out of fear. Fear of how they feel about themselves. Fear of not feeling secure in the world. Fear of not being at peace.

The wise man knows to turn within. Lao Tzu

When we externalize our struggles we are not being accountable for the inner conflicts that create them. Detaching from money is the ultimate freedom. And to do so, it requires faith and trust that our material needs will be met. Because they always will if we stop subscribing to struggle, fear, separation and hate.