Like Clay

"If you could mold me like clay, what would it look like in the end?" a potential slave asked me recently over tea.

"I can't give you a concrete answer because I don't know what it will look like in the end. With a piece of clay you have to examine the texture, the elasticity to see what it can realistically be shaped into. In the end, whatever form it takes is because both of us have molded it," I replied

I never approach anything with a rigid idea in mind. An honest assessment of what the other person can bring to the table is always the priority. Then I like things to be organic and I adapt to the situation accordingly. The final product is never all mine, it's ours. This personal philosophy might just be inherent in my personality or it might be influenced by all the Laozi I studied in Shanghai. You never want to be the rigid tree- that one gets broken first in any storm.