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My new bio reads:

Deeply psychological, analytical, theoretical- I consider BDSM my true calling.
I hold a BA in psych and an MA in film studies (focused in gender, feminist critique and corporeality) both from a top tier university in NYC and completed in Paris and Shanghai. These studies are where I derive much of my inspiration. What else inspires me? The world.

I represent some of the most marginalized identities (especially now in light of the political climate) and have made it my life's purpose to vocalize this story so that others can have hope in spite of looming darkness. My identities include:

Sex Worker
Abuse Survivor

Though I grew up in a conservative Chinese home, I was always rebellious and believed in not only carving a niche for myself, but for all those who don't believe in institutions/constructs and instead are committed to expressing individuality. Being a dominatrix is not only my calling, but I use this as a platform to further dismantle not only oppressive gender constructs, patterns of socialization, but the larger structures that are programmed into our subconscious that cause us nothing but HARM and disempowerment. It is my goal to educate, heal (by default we are all victims of socialization) and awaken one individual at a time.

I began pursuing pro-domming to explore my interests, utilizing it as a proxy to lifestyle BDSM. This is a vital part of me that continues to grow as my curiosity and perfectionism motivate me to explore and learn more about this darker nature that I find a healthy and dynamic part of myself. BDSM is nothing short of an OBSESSION.

This lifestyle has triggered much reflection as my identity shifts and I realize though I have struggled in the past with the socialization required of Asian women, I have always subverted this even before I grew more comfortable in my dominance. Though I consider myself a sigma more than an alpha, I will assume the role of the alpha when I feel necessary. Though feminine in appearance, I am internally non-binary, equal parts masculine and feminine.

In my practice, I deal with larger themes of control, power and connection. I am one of the highest levels of empath meaning I have a psychic sensitivity to tap into your thoughts and feelings. Furthermore, I am a natural born intuitive and healer- I channel divine energies that become more available to me as I continue to move forward in my spiritual path, and in my own healing.

Understanding D/s dynamics always came naturally to me. I am heavily invested in consent as I continue to refine my practice and will never ever hurt, manipulate or disrespect you against your will.

This is an art, one that I take very seriously. I believe in deeper and true connections, in subtlety and refinement, in development and in adaptability. I trust my intuition to guide and I always want my personality to shine through in sessions. I believe that love and kindness are the greater powers. I am a lightworker, devoting my life to transmuting the darkness that intoxicates us.

When you submit to me, you submit to an authentic person who cares about, and truly understands you. My style is subtle and not everyone gets it since our society is one of the obvious and blatant. But subtle power is paradoxically the strongest. It is the one that embeds in the deeper parts of the mind and entangles in the etheric body. It is the implied, the unspoken, that resonates most.