We All Seek Power

In its various forms. All human struggle is for the sake of power.

Power in money, in status, in beauty, in sex, in youth. Because this is a society that benefits from our hunger for power. That's why all the major industries function based on these pillars of power.

But notice how ALL of these categories are material. And how easily we can give our power away to them and grant them an inextricable link to our self-worth and health. And how, as we accrue, we feel good, and as we lose whichever category we are most attached to, we feel bad about ourselves. We literally get SICK when whatever it is we are attached to is taken away from us.

And let me tell you something: it will most likely be the very first thing to be taken from you. That's the way the universe works. That which we attach our self-esteem and sense of worth to is the first thing that leaves us. Because no person should ever have such a deep desire for something that it supersedes their own sense of wholeness. And the universe reminds us of such.

Desire becomes greed. Which drops our vibration to a very low one, tiring our spirit. Because all of these things are material and all of these things we naturally lose, even if they aren't taken away from us. Money loses meaning when we pass. Status means nothing when we pass. We lose our beauty fast, in a youth fixated world. Youth and sex appeal we lose to the natural aging process.

When these things get taken away from you, you are SET FREE IF and only IF you acknowledge the blessing in disguise. Because in the end the human spirit is WHOLE and an expression of divine life and consciousness. Consciousness and life NEVER falls underneath material expressions of power and when it is placed in a lower level of importance, there will be chaos- the bad kind- until order is established again through its absence. 

Real power is in the human spirit.