Means confronting yourself first and foremost. There's a reason why most of our intentions are hidden in our subconscious- it's a protective mechanism. Our minds, our egos don't want those intentions or truths to be known or else it could serve to be much too traumatizing for us.

We'd like to operate under the guise of congruence when we really aren't living in alignment. We'd like to think we're good people, meanwhile our subconscious hides all the memories of us when we were manipulative or exploitative. We'd like to think that we're victims when really, we've made choices to keep ourselves in victimhood because it's easier than owning up to our responsibilities.

Consciousness means a genuine commitment to facing the hard truths about ourselves- to bring them to light so that we can then integrate these "dark" truths into our being so we are no longer at their mercy. Consciousness is the road to self-mastery because only in enlightenment does someone have full control over every aspect of themselves- that is why enlightenment is so elusive. 

There are some days that facing the truth about myself and my past make it difficult to get out of bed. When feeling the shame, pain and fear release would rather make me want to stuff it away and self-soothe. But that is the path we all take- it is part of being human. As human you are flawed, you are living in darkness, until you consciously commit to moving towards the light.