Why Hypnosis?

My style has gone inward.

What this interiority means is a refocusing on the self. A centering. Like meditation, it's a chance to reconnect and disconnect from the chaos of the world. From projecting our energy outward so much that we lose our balance.

Traditional BDSM in my mind is one that is performative. It is about the outward experience- taking a fantasy and turning it into reality. It is about physical sensation, about sight (the clothing of the domme, the dungeon) and as much as I do love all that, I saw so much potential for more that is within. 

What I've come to find in the years that I've been fortunate enough to meet different types of subs is that they are ALL seeking SOMETHING. The domme is a guide, a facilitator for a fantasy. And I've come to find that even though a session can be top notch, there is never a moment when reality can fully match a fantasy. 

To get someone in touch with that fantasy so that it becomes REAL and LIVED is my aim. And that is why I'm now integrating real hypnosis into my sessions more and more. The body responds to everything as if it's real. Imagine sucking on a lemon- do you feel the acid in the back of your throat? The body follows the mind- that is why my focus is always on the mind, because that is the doorway. 

There is nothing that can't be satisfied when we dig deep into what the subconscious wants.