Sacral Chakra & Submission

I write this because on a planetary level, we are all going through a sacral chakra healing.

Have you been feeling more emotional lately, or have had pain in the lower portion of your stomach?

Have old, emotionally charged memories surfaced?

If so- you're undergoing the healing.

Part of being human presently enforces us to bury our true natures to the point where we don't know who we are or how we feel. Numb the pain mentality is prevalent. We do what we can to get through our days, sometimes and then we go through bouts of frustration, stress and we don't know why. 

Our sacral chakra is the energy center that sits at our lower abdomen. For men and women, it governs sexuality, creativity, emotions, intimacy and money. It also is the center that can be blocked by shame and guilt. For men, it also can be blocked because it is feminine and many men are taught through tenants of masculinity to repress feminine energy. For women, we are taught to disown our natural feminine in a femininity negating culture where feminine sexuality is denied (slut shaming etc..) and we're taught to be ashamed of our femininity (think about the embarrassment and shame tied to menstruation). Many women in toxic industries that disown femininity because feminine traits are "weak" and women must act like men in order to get ahead, will often develop illnesses in feminine areas like ovarian cysts, etc because that's a metaphysical extension of the denial and repression and self-hatred re: femininity.

We hold our true sexual identities here- that which brings us pleasure. And pleasure brings us back to ourselves and to our source. I'm not talking addiction riddled, over the top pleasure, but basic pleasures of being human including a healthy sexuality. What we regard as "kinky" or "queer" or that which isn't within the culturally defined box of "normal" sexuality we often repress or cover up with shame, which then distorts, blocks and alters the energy flow of our sacral chakra, which then blocks all which is associated- creativity AND money and access to SOURCE energy, AND intimate relationships. Yes- distortions with one will impact the other. Not to mention, distortions in one energy center will affect the quality of the flow through all other centers. This impacts internal balance and wellness. Ideally we want to be a clear channel so source energy can flow equally through all parts of us.

That's why for those of you who truly have a submissive nature (and arguably many men have more difficulties with admitting to this because of what's expected of them in society and different industries) will often have blocked sacrals that then block the energy flow into other aspects of their lives. This is when disease happens, or especially pertaining to the sacral, sometimes men can develop sexual dysfunctions because of blocked emotions they're unconsciously not allowing themselves to process, or, more literally, they cannot "connect" with their partners because the fear of intimacy is too strong and has not been dealt with.

If you are a submissive, choose the dominant that resonates with you (and say it's mutual), allowing yourself to submit to not just him/her/they, but to YOUR true nature will relieve a ton of the blockages and resistance in your sacral chakra related to shame and repression. Arguably shame and repression surrounding sexual identity is the biggest thing holding back the evolution of humanity. We need to embrace our sexual natures in a healthy way in order to become fully EMBODIED.

This requires true vulnerability, not just to self, but to him/her/they. Vulnerability is the precursor to self-awareness, connectedness and surrender. We can't receive if we aren't vulnerable, just like we can't be perceived if we aren't. If we don't allow ourselves to be seen, we'll be invisible to ourselves and everyone else. And surrender is the ultimate precursor to liberation, which is the pathway to the highest vibrational state of peace and nonresistance.

When we get there, all things open up, including our hearts.

Have you been looking for meaning for a while? Do you feel lost? Well this is how you find it.

Open your Heart

There are several reasons I have chosen BDSM and pro-domming as my outlet to speak my truth, refine my art and heal others. Besides a few I've outlined on twitter and my revised Sessions page, another is because of the unique demographic I have access to.

Most of you are well earning men who are victims of socialization and structures of "masculinity" where you walk around with a closed heart. You are taught that to feel means you are weak. You are taught that to desire submission, you are weak. This structure of masculinity actually creates weakness and frailty. It creates imbalance. It creates someone who is afraid to be in touch with his feminine side, for fears of judgment and shame. This creates self-rejection which manifests as rejections of others around you because innately, we all embody both masculine and feminine. This creates a closed heart. This creates fear, of yourself, and of the very rejection you externalize. Do you recognize patterns where you reject the women that want you, but want the ones that reject you? It is not about the women- it is about how you deal with yourself. This pattern tells you that you cannot accept your femininity and embrace your self-rejection. Look up Carl Jung's animus/anima for analytical psychology background principles on the feminine/masculine duality within us all.

You are broken and fragmented the moment you are brought into this world. As soon as you are told, "boys don't cry". You think you are adhering to laws that protect you but society has created laws that violate and run against universal laws. You think you are protected but you are not. Society cannot protect you more than materially the more you deviate from universal law, the ones that decide your health.

In the last 40 years, women have been able to freely express their masculinity. Women have advanced far beyond what men have been able to. Although men do have certain privileges in society, you are at a distinct disadvantage. You are marginalized (not within human structures, but within a universal structure) and worse, no one wants to offer you help because of the privileges you have. To express anything traditionally non-cis gendered implies something damaging, within the structures we live. The pressure you hold on your shoulders just by living, without knowing, creates high energetic imbalance, health and mental issues. This is why you feel anger and frustration. You are imprisoned by the very structures that grant you crumbs of privilege for your adherence.

But it is not enough. You deserve more. You deserve freedom. Why settle for crumbs?

Part of the reason I've been so open with sharing my life story, the history that causes me to feel pain are in hopes that my openness will elicit your openness. When you read, watch and hear my stories, when you feel the empathy for me, or when you feel that it touches on your own history and you finally process what you've been holding onto all these years, I help raise your vibration.

When you raise your vibration you get closer to reaching truth, purity and divinity.

When your vibration is raised, you experience health, abundance and freedom. The fountain of youth and vitality.

You become strong.

You become whole.

You become someone who can easily and readily manifest your own reality, one that includes happiness and love.

Do not forget how to love because you ARE love. 





I remember being a kid and listening to stories about how my friends’ parents met. The ones that stuck out to me were the ones where love was a gradual process. Initially, there was resistance, hesitancy for whatever reason, but then when they gave in, their love lasted a life time.

I’ve come to find that my narrative about domming resembles that. At the very beginning, I wasn’t fully committed- one foot out, one foot in. Most of my reasoning for why I shouldn’t be involved a fear of abandonment by my family and the hardships that come with fighting against social stigmas.

But our hearts are stronger than our minds. And as much as our minds may resist, we do unconsciously follow our hearts.

I remember being in different jobs after I graduated college, and finding that I was content with the money I was making, the roles I was offered but something was missing. Besides the gradual dimming of my flame, I woke up one morning at 24 and thought, I could still be doing this at 35 because I’m content. But would I be happy? No. Things came easily, I was fine, I was a success story on the surface, but something felt wrong.

I quit my job immediately.

I remember the feeling I got in my gut when I first set foot in a dungeon. It said to me, “this is where you need to be”. My eyes felt watery and I found it hard to breathe. It was similar to the only other time I felt it, and it was when I first set foot in New York. I knew I wanted to be there, I was sure, no matter how much my parents told me I was being closed minded by not considering another option. 9 years later, I still call New York home.

The more I commit myself to domming, the more I fall in love. The process was gradual, but it’s real. This is the only vocation that makes me feel challenged, alive, invigorated. It is new, exciting every day and I channel that positive energy into all areas of my life. And it allows me mobility and growth. It’s made me a more compassionate person, someone who doesn’t carry shame and erases the shame of others. We really see depth and darkness. At the start it scared me, but something kept me tethered. Then it drew me closer and I’ve become a lot stronger because of this exposure.

I’d always listen in to stories about people finding their calling and always doubted them. There was no way that someone could be pre-destined to be good at one thing, or at least I wasn’t. Nothing seemed to capture me, and I was losing hope. But I keep finding myself here, despite the skepticism, and the more I practice and refine, the more I realize I’m born to do this. Every quality about me that I hid, or was told would set me back has come into play as my strengths.

I grew up hearing, “When your heart is in something, there’s no stopping you,” I always knew that it was about my own investment but the unfortunate thing is that it was very difficult to find something that evoked that interest. When I was young, I’d always get interested in one thing to quickly drop it; perhaps I can be fickle. But when I find it, I know, and when I’m committed, I’m in 100% and there’s no turning back.