I want to preface this by saying that I've met some lovely doctors in my life time who are genuinely devoted to helping others. This is not about them- this is about the issues with the larger industries and my experiences that need to be vocalized so others can be aware as these are life/death situations. I bet anything that these lovely doctors also have issues with the larger system or have faced some bad doctors who don't give a shit about their patients at all- and I would love to hear from you if you have a story to share.

After the nightmare that was dealing with the negligence and ignorance of doctors in the most profitable sector of medicine: cancer treatment including and definitely not limited to at least a dozen different doctors who put my mother on rounds of near lethal dosages of antibiotics NOT TELLING HER TO TAKE PROBIOTICS and encouraging her consumption of dairy (which feeds DISEASE) and processed sugar, Not a single one told her to take probiotics to at least soften the impact of what they put her on- I asked a friend of mine in med school about the antibiotics she was taking and he was not only appalled at the dosage, but said that is a type of antibiotic that isn't even safe for consumption. Several conversations with others who have also witnessed loved ones go through cancer treatments revealed situations in which doctors told chemo patients to not eat kale because it would interfere with the treatment but encouraged sugar (WHICH FEEDS DISEASE). I remember being in the chemo treatment center with her and looking in the refrigerator- all drinks were loaded with processed sugar- gatorades, apple juice. In the hospital when you could smell her blood infection down the hall they were feeding her jello and apple sauce among other horrific foods that were ALL PROCESSED AND FEEDS DISEASE. 

I remember many times when we couldn't reach my mother's primary doctor because he was on perpetual vacation. I remember after they operated on her, they left her with a WORSE infection and watching another doctor ask her why the incision wasn't closed properly by the doctor who operated, and pulling out GIANT scabs of infection that left her head reeking, like something was rotting. They put her through operation after operation because none of them, even after board meetings, could figure out what was going on. She was so weak- but they treated her like an experiment, a lab rat they could poke and prod and put under again and again to cut into. They drew her blood until she had no more veins they could poke into. They met countless times, made us wait for months, and no one knew what was going on. These are some of the best and most well paid doctors/surgeons in the US for cancer treatment. 

I remember my own experiences with health care and pharmaceuticals being strange- I was encouraged, basically PUSHED to take antidepressants while in college, because of the high suicide rate of kids at my school. I remember even being in France and expressing my concerns about taking anti-anxiety medication and being told, "everyone takes them". I remember how easy it was to walk out of a doctor's office with prescriptions for whatever I wanted after a 5 minute conversation- it became a joke to me. I sometimes never even filled the prescriptions.

Recently, I had a conversation with someone who told me the new thing is developing "life-style drugs" basically, drugs you need to be on for a lifetime. This is taking dependency to a whole other level.

Like I've mentioned before, our bodies and minds have incredible natural healing abilities. The answer is not what you think it is.

Again, I want to re-iterate that I am not dismissing doctors and nurses who are in healthcare because they truly want to help others. These people are noble and incredible human beings who work long, taxing hours to ensure other people are taken care of. But there is a dark side to this industry and it is toxic. Because of how lucrative certain professions can be, it can often attract people who do not have pure intentions. That darkness needs to go.

Western medicine tends to focus on symptoms and separates the part from the whole. But EVERYTHING in our bodies is interconnected, and sometimes the causes are not even within the physical Psychosoma is real and our bodies will also manifest issues with our emotional, etheric, energetic (there are SO many more bodies) bodies too.