For the men who see me, this is a re-education. This is to get you in touch with your body, your emotions, your self.

This is a world that detaches you from how you feel- most men I see say they have trouble vocalizing their emotions, and MOST men I see have blockages in their heart chakras from repressing their emotions so much that it disconnects them from people around them and in the end, from ENJOYMENT.

For you guys particularly, to learn to be WHOLE is to own these emotions and know what they are. It's like you're starting all over again in emotional regulation because in its stead, you've had to block it all out. That's not emotional regulation, that's toxic because the blocking, the heaviness will catch up to you. And it's eating away at you, your energy.

Repressed emotions manifest into DISEASE. Blocked heart chakras manifest into lung problems, heart problems in particular.

Remote Reiki

Hello! I wrote up a page detailing remote reiki + distance training as I am now offering this to those who can't see me in person.

If we haven't played before you are still required to fill out my submit form and check the Reiki box. If we have, you are welcome to email me to set up an appointment and I will send you instructions.

Really excited to be able to offer a new type of support and connectedness to encourage your own lightness of being.



Open your Heart

There are several reasons I have chosen BDSM and pro-domming as my outlet to speak my truth, refine my art and heal others. Besides a few I've outlined on twitter and my revised Sessions page, another is because of the unique demographic I have access to.

Most of you are well earning men who are victims of socialization and structures of "masculinity" where you walk around with a closed heart. You are taught that to feel means you are weak. You are taught that to desire submission, you are weak. This structure of masculinity actually creates weakness and frailty. It creates imbalance. It creates someone who is afraid to be in touch with his feminine side, for fears of judgment and shame. This creates self-rejection which manifests as rejections of others around you because innately, we all embody both masculine and feminine. This creates a closed heart. This creates fear, of yourself, and of the very rejection you externalize. Do you recognize patterns where you reject the women that want you, but want the ones that reject you? It is not about the women- it is about how you deal with yourself. This pattern tells you that you cannot accept your femininity and embrace your self-rejection. Look up Carl Jung's animus/anima for analytical psychology background principles on the feminine/masculine duality within us all.

You are broken and fragmented the moment you are brought into this world. As soon as you are told, "boys don't cry". You think you are adhering to laws that protect you but society has created laws that violate and run against universal laws. You think you are protected but you are not. Society cannot protect you more than materially the more you deviate from universal law, the ones that decide your health.

In the last 40 years, women have been able to freely express their masculinity. Women have advanced far beyond what men have been able to. Although men do have certain privileges in society, you are at a distinct disadvantage. You are marginalized (not within human structures, but within a universal structure) and worse, no one wants to offer you help because of the privileges you have. To express anything traditionally non-cis gendered implies something damaging, within the structures we live. The pressure you hold on your shoulders just by living, without knowing, creates high energetic imbalance, health and mental issues. This is why you feel anger and frustration. You are imprisoned by the very structures that grant you crumbs of privilege for your adherence.

But it is not enough. You deserve more. You deserve freedom. Why settle for crumbs?

Part of the reason I've been so open with sharing my life story, the history that causes me to feel pain are in hopes that my openness will elicit your openness. When you read, watch and hear my stories, when you feel the empathy for me, or when you feel that it touches on your own history and you finally process what you've been holding onto all these years, I help raise your vibration.

When you raise your vibration you get closer to reaching truth, purity and divinity.

When your vibration is raised, you experience health, abundance and freedom. The fountain of youth and vitality.

You become strong.

You become whole.

You become someone who can easily and readily manifest your own reality, one that includes happiness and love.

Do not forget how to love because you ARE love.