Disclaimer: Don't read this if you don't like your BDSM with a side of politics

This election to me was about the lesser of the two evils. It was about, to me, reducing it to where I wanted to see change the most. Of course being mostly identified with women's rights, I chose to vote for Hillary (not with a slip up first of accidentally voting for the Green Party- I think this was my subconscious speaking for me lol)

As surprised as I am because predictions all seemed to say Trump had no chance, I'm also not surprised. Our world is having a crisis right now- chaos is to be expected. It is warning us that if we do not do something towards radical change, we may not have a tomorrow. 

What I deduced from the results is this: America's values seem to be shifting. From a macro level I can see that what Trump stood for was: authenticity and radical change. We're forgetting what he represents on a micro (peen) level, his identity and looking at the larger picture. He wasn't a politician, he obviously didn't seem coached, he said what felt true to him. This was his truth and it spread far and wide, without necessary campaigns. 

If we look at a long term trajectory, we are also moving into a post-gender movement as gender becomes less about binaries and more about fluidity. So that in itself renders the gender card useless. In this present moment it is definitely still a huge issue, of course, but let's look at the broader picture.

Trump is not a politician. What this indicates is that America is so in need of radical change, and it can be someone who defies traditional "boxes" and hasn't ascribed to "rules" of one of the largest institutions! This is really saying something!

I see this as a gift. As all of my recent posts have led up to, what at first seems like "shit" (no offense if you are a Trump supporter) is a huge blessing. We are feeling this on a global level- this is a huge awakening to many. And what we will see is a call to action.

I am ready. I plan on fighting for all the marginalized identities I represent. That includes ones you fit into too, that you might be too scared to fight for. I'm fighting for Asian Americans, for immigrants, for LGBTQ, for sex workers, for abuse survivors and for women.

For children of this fucking globalization.

You'll see. This is the time for truth.