Illnesses of the Heart

I'm reading Deepak Chopra's "The Healing Self" after seeing him speak at the Rubin not long ago. His mission for writing this book is to "supercharge your immunity and stay well for life"

He details the health epidemic that Americans face and it's really scary. He also details one incident early on of someone who survived into her 90s with a lot of energy, more than "usual" Her secret? She lived a life fraught with divorce, anger and alienation from her children. Yet, she had a spiritual experience that changed her perspective on life. She attributed that to being at peace despite acknowledging some mistakes in her life. And that was her secret to longevity.

He also says that heart problems are most common. But how do we combat various heart diseases?

Empathy, which makes us feel what someone else is feeling

Compassion, which motivates us to extend lovingkindness

Forgiveness, which wipes the slate clean of old grievances and wounding

Sacrifice, which allows us to put someone else's good above our own

Devotion, which inspires reverence for higher values

He says, "a healing approach to the heart keeps in mind the bigger goal of wellness in life"

UMMMMMM DOES THIS SOUND familiar to you? Those are my core values in the type of submission I teach. I understood the metaphysical and holistic benefits to living a life focused on those pillars, but I never knew the direct and bottom-up application to our wellbeing, being that we can literally stop the malfunctions of the heart. 

If you're more skewed towards the rational mind which most people are (and therefore, dubious/skeptical of spiritual beliefs), I recommend you read this book. None of the stuff I deal with is woo-woo. It's very, very real. Humanity is not at the state of evolution yet to fully grasp it, but it will be soon. We have a crisis of the linear mind, whereby people think they're strong and know everything when they opt to reject the right brain, the intuitive mind. But the truth is, they know nothing until they integrate both hemispheres and OPEN it. That's when expansion can happen. The most linear minded "accomplished" people by society's definition I see a lot of in my healing practices and truth be told, they know the least about themselves. They haven't even begun to explore. They're like infants in the big scheme of the world, wearing the costume of a grown up with a stellar resume. They throw their judgments around and negate anything that isn't within their limited conception of the world because it protects them. Their energies, well, they're STUCK and still. They may think they're making strides in the real world by getting that corner office or promotion, but have they really? They reach that breaking point when they realize it's all for nothing. A feeling of success is fleeting. 

How about inner wellness, peace, and understanding one's place in the world? Maybe at the very least, avoiding heart diseases.


For the men who see me, this is a re-education. This is to get you in touch with your body, your emotions, your self.

This is a world that detaches you from how you feel- most men I see say they have trouble vocalizing their emotions, and MOST men I see have blockages in their heart chakras from repressing their emotions so much that it disconnects them from people around them and in the end, from ENJOYMENT.

For you guys particularly, to learn to be WHOLE is to own these emotions and know what they are. It's like you're starting all over again in emotional regulation because in its stead, you've had to block it all out. That's not emotional regulation, that's toxic because the blocking, the heaviness will catch up to you. And it's eating away at you, your energy.

Repressed emotions manifest into DISEASE. Blocked heart chakras manifest into lung problems, heart problems in particular.