Metrics of Identity

When you define yourself by a broader category, you let go

When you aren't assigning yourself a firm identity rooted in uniqueness, entitlement, privilege, there is much less to uphold. Sometimes, this identity isn't even your own doing. Other people assign this rigid categorization to you because of your track record of successes or their grandiose expectations of you. There's little room within, there's more pressure, there's more of a sense of me.

When you surrender that sense of self for Me... when, in the stead of being the whatever special version of yourself you become simply, my sub, my slave.. when I slip the black, tight hood over your head, you no longer recognize yourself in the mirror. you have become de-personalized. you are now just 1 of 7.5 billion people (okay maybe you are slightly kinkier than the average but that's all the credit I'll give to your new identification). I take your ego. I take your power. I control you.

you are done. you are gone. What liberation. The world is no longer out to get you, nor does it revolve around you. your baggage finally is discarded because I've forced you to set it down.

And now finally, you have a real purpose.

To serve Me.

And in your vanilla life, this fuels you in all your complexity. But even then, you crave the space of surrender I've created for you.