The Color Orange

I've been paying a lot of attention to the sacral chakra recently- if you've noticed in my writings.

When I was about 3/4, I first moved to America. One of the things my mom noticed which was quite bizarre was my sudden distaste for oranges. I hated everything associated with oranges- including the color, the smell of oranges. No one could figure out why including myself- it is told me to time and time again that I absolutely LOVED oranges when I was a toddler in China. This hatred for Orange continued my entire life. I vividly remember my mother trying to force me to drink orange juice as a kid, and me wanting to vomit. This remained of the greatest mysteries of my life- no one could remember any traumas associated with oranges that could have turned me off of them for life.

Things start to make sense at a certain point when you develop the sensitivity and the expansion, the capacity and the strength to pursue your self-actualization. There are pieces of information we are all missing in relation to ourselves. The way our society is now shuts our self-development DOWN and some of us will never realize the messages nor connect the dots. 

When I left China, I left my real home. I left the people I loved, who raised me for a foreign place where I felt isolated, disconnected, abandoned. I never processed this as a child- my mother told me that I put on a brave face and decided I would go to America and never looked back. I didn't cry. But the pain was there- it manifested in horrific stomach pains and problems with digestion for a long time in my childhood- why? This area is governed by the sacral chakra, which is ORANGE.

The sacral chakra governs all the emotions connected to childhood. I never processed this, and truly felt scared- you can imagine how much sadness and grief and loss a little girl would feel after making such a big move and losing all of your loved ones. This process literally SHUT DOWN my sacral chakra (which continues to be my weakest chakra) and exposure to the color orange, the fruit orange (fruits and colors trigger the vibrations in the chakra) would have forced me to process what was there. As a child I could not handle it.

As of late, as my intuition and spiritual connection has blossomed, I've noticed that unknowingly, I'll grab things that are orange- it is subconscious. I now am in a healing stage where my actions are signs as to what needs work. The sacral chakra works in conjunction with the third eye chakra which for me is very developed. Together, they activate more creativity. As this has gotten stronger, I've noticed that I gravitate towards yellow things- this was my second weakest chakra- the solar plexus chakra. In my aura reading yesterday, it was the only color missing..