Upon viewing Himalayan Buddhist tapestries, I initially thought the figures that looked like demons to be just that: demons. They were lower than the hero, who is usually buddha, seated in the center of the piece as if disrupting him, encircling him. I consulted a break down of the various elements of the art. In fact, the demons were called "protectors"

They are light beings who are there to protect the hero under the guise of antagonizing him.

I ask you to keep this in mind in your own life.

Recently, I met a wonderful woman who was suffering from a heavy heart. She lost something she wanted- a promotion. She was so close to getting it but many of her coworkers went behind her back and voted against her. She was grief stricken of course. As we talked, she told me that when it had first happened, a friend said to her, "What if you found out that those people were actually angels in disguise? They kept you from an opportunity that wasn't right for you,"

She said that changed everything for her. What she initially saw as backstabbers were actually there serving the purpose of protecting her from something that could have harmed her, or gotten in the way of her destiny.

I've written about this in the past. Although I was grief stricken from losing an opportunity that I was sure was my calling, at the time, with perspective I now understand why it was that many people in my life tried to acknowledge that it was a blessing. At the time I dismissed their words thinking they were just trying to absolve me of pain and trying to find meaning in something destructive, but as I've ventured further in my spiritual journey I have come to find that indeed


We cannot evade pain. Ascension is not comfortable. Every day it is uncomfortable. We experience pain in our process of growth, that's why it is called a growing pain. In retrospect, every event that either did not work out the way I wanted it to or that put pain in my way has been something that has allowed me to grow tremendously. 

When someone gives us SHIT. They are really giving us lemons. And as the adage goes, you must make lemonade. Otherwise what the hell are you doing sitting in a pile of lemons.