August Energies

I normally don't write much about astrology because that's not my forte and due to the way pop culture has appropriated it, it's hard to take it seriously. I casually stay abreast of it, but my expertise is in the human body, mind, spirit and energy systems.

Regardless, I cannot deny that much of our spirits are synced to universal and planetary powers. In the end, all planets and all movements carry energy. That's a basic truth: all things are energy. Thus, that's a premise I can accept- that these changes that occur within our galaxy within bodies of energy that are much bigger than the planet we inhabit will definitely create changes with US. There are times when I feel the effects of solar flares, of energy waves, of planetary changes when I am not clued in AT ALL that that's why I'm feeling a certain way. I could tell you the lunar phases without ever looking at the moon- we can ALL do this because our bodies can feel all of these, we are naturally synced. Women of course are even more tuned in to the lunar phases.

August's energies are now focused on the lower chakras, especially the root chakra. It is clearing us collectively of the dense energies stored there. The root chakra holds all information that's taken in from our tribe- i.e. moral, ethical codes of conduct, rejection/acceptance in our various tribes among other things to do with belonging, grounding, experience of the world. Many of us have imbalances in this chakra which disempowers us in ways we don't consciously register- it is proven that many of our diseases often originate from imbalanced lower chakras.

With the two eclipses, one yesterday and one on the 21st, we have a period of cleansing, to prepare us for change. Although we have a mercury retrograde coming up on the 12th which is when usually all things to do with transportation, communication and electronics go haywire (but is a good time for reflection and past relationships to surface and work themselves out) the retrograde will work very synchronously with the eclipses and help us work out things from the past so we clear them and rise from the ashes. Last month's new moon was more emotional and was more the preparation phase for this month- and from here on out, things are going to move FAST in ways unforeseen. 

Thus far, this month has been BRUTAL for me energetically. And if this is the case for you too, remember that it's all for the best. You will come out stronger.. and.. do you feel the momentum? I do.