Review: 11/15

I immediately picked up on his energy- it felt at once chaotic and creative - my task was to center and ground it so he could better channel it to his pursuits. When energy is that frenetic (especially when it's influenced by worldwide chaos) it's not organized thus it bounces between being productive/unproductive. When I reel it in, imagine it's like you knocked over the spice rack and I pick up the scattered spices strewn all over the kitchen counter. I separate them, and then add them to a nice grinder! So now not only can you season what you are cooking, but the spices are better distributed and better able to infuse the dish.

I added a touch of pain to this session because I sensed an undertone of pain that required processing. This was a dull pervasive emotional pain, better traded for an acute physical sensation. Plus, he can handle needles when he's in the right mental state.



The first thing about Aleta is her beauty. It’s unmistakeable. You can see it in her pictures but when you meet her she’s just as beautiful. I kept thinking to myself, how is it possible to look like that?

But she has a command that’s far beyond that. Almost mystical. She seems to know what I’m thinking before I do. Around her I can stop trying to be who I am, because she knows who I am, and so all I have to do is what she tells me and everything always works out.

It’s this intuition, harder to see when just looking at her beautiful pictures, which sets her apart from so many other dommes in NYC.

I had been feeling awful when I went to see Aleta last Saturday. It was just after the election and I couldn’t sleep. I used to work in politics and the election upended my life. So I went to see Aleta, and I was lucky she could make time for me.

When I arrived I think my energy was all over the place. I was tied in knots. But when I saw her I calmed down.

She asked if I wanted a shower but I had just showered before coming over so she told me to strip and kneel and wait for her like that in the hallway.

She reappeared in a corset stockings and led me on a leash into the other room. She wrapped me in black and blue vet wrap, leaving my penis out and cutting holes for my nipples, then pushed me back onto the bed. I was completely mummified and couldn’t move at all but the vet wrap was way more comfortable than saran wrap, and just as inescapable.

She gagged me with a perforated rubber ball gag and pulled a hood I had brought over the gag. I had already told her that I’d be able to breath so that was good. And she put headphones with music playing lightly over my ears so I couldn’t hear anything else or see anything.

I could feel her moving on the bed and then she sat on my face and it was about the most ecstatic thing I can imagine. Something about her weight. That feeling. I couldn’t see anything of course because I was wearing this latex hood, but I got so turned on. I was out of my mind.

That’s when she started sticking needles in me. Normally this would be too much pain but my pain tolerance spiked. And the only thought I had was how to make Aleta happy. This seemed like the way. She would lift up to stick a needle in and I would try to follow her but she’s push me back down. First one, then two in each nipple. Two in my penis. Then she sat back on my face and squeezed.

After that she sounded me and placed crystals on my chest and stomach. I had felt so frenetic when I arrived but by this time I was calm and completely in my body.

When she finally let me out I was sad it was over, but also so happy. We sat on the couch together and I leaned against her beautiful chest and sighed. I went home much calmer than when I arrived. Inspired. And ready to go to work.