I've modeled in a few photoshoots lately, making me more cognizant of different styles, connections between photographer/subject, and the role of the camera. Is the camera an extension of the photographer, a proxy, or is it treated as an object?

The process has helped me learn more about myself- what are fixed qualities about me that remain, despite adapting to different photographers? Perhaps this is a similar process a sub might undergo by seeing different dommes.

I've come to find that I naturally am either photographed in an intimate way, meaning very close up, very connected with few decorative elements OR in a very distanced way. There's rarely a middle ground. I feel this reflects my personality. You are either let in very close to me, or I keep you at a distance, emotionally and aesthetically. I find myself feeling most comfortable in sessions in either lingerie or latex.

The relationships also matter. Below are photos taken by a very close friend of mine. He captures my rawness, I drop my guard. I thought it'd be nice for you to see all the different sides of me, because I want to see all the different sides of you.