When I studied film for my MA, my interest wasn't entirely film. I couldn't tell anyone this secret because as the recipient of multiple grants and scholarships for academic achievement, I had to pretend that I really wanted to study film. Truthfully what grabbed me since I was young was that film was exposing of the auteur's psychology. Not only was it revealing of the inner workings of the auteur's mind, but it also showed his/her fantasies, his/her past, what s/he was working through and the resulting impact on interpersonal relationships. Even when the film seemed completely detached from anything personal, the interest level and engagement in the subject matter was revealing.

Another thing I loved was analyzing the characters; assessing their motives, their personalities (for those of you who know my knack for pinning down your exact Myers Briggs personality type within a few minutes of meeting or after one email will know I've gotten very good at this..) and learning to understand their motives that operate within the narrative.

One time I was sick and spent the entire time re-watching all the Hunger Games and establishing a taxonomy of personality types. Yes I am embarrassed to admit this.

What all this amounts to is my love of patterns individually and interpersonally. I see the patterns in erraticism & idiosyncracies and these are patterns unobstructed by socioeconomic & cultural structures. Chaos makes sense to me. Perhaps my intuitive understanding stems from the "chaos theory" running through my veins. Someone in my family is renowned for work on advanced patterns in the universe.

In any case, my love of psychology is what drives me. It is what makes me love what I do. It is how I see the world, and there is no better real world application than understanding you and how to unabashedly use you for my enjoyment.