This session was very powerful for me. I channeled someone close to my sub (yes- I feel the presence of your guides who are sometimes your loved ones who have passed away. I channel them in session if that is conducive to your healing and other times I won't say a word if it won't aid in your process) and we both felt the love flow through me to him- my sub was put into a strong trance and he explored several amazing memories- sailing as a young boy, if I remember correctly? All while getting tortured :P


Dear Mistress Aleta Cai:
The session yesterday was incredible. I'm feeling invigorated and filled with the sense of unlimited possibility... Hard to put into words that don't sound like clichés... But I will try:
You have a very powerful presence that is at the same time both serious and playful. After watching several of the YouTube videos you've generously shared online I felt safe giving myself over to you, but I was also aware that you are multifaceted and that some of those facets are terrifying (in a way that is, of course, delightfully thrilling). Without giving away too many details that might require a SPOILER ALERT, I just want to say that you have an amazing intuitive sense of just what to do, when to do it, and (I suspect) an even deeper subconscious awareness of the "why" behind all of it. I felt a strong and instantaneous connection develop between the two of us which I look forward to exploring as your whatever-you-choose-to-define-it (sub/slave/pet/servant). I sincerely thank you for guiding me on a mind/body/spirit journey that was powerful/healing/amazing.
With devotion, love & respect for who you are and what you do,
I am yours

Review 2/11

I have had the privilege of serving as Mistress Aleta's personal slave for the past 4 months.  My main duties are cleaning her home, completing handyman projects and running errands. It has been, without a doubt, the most personally rewarding and fulfilling kink relationship of my life.  Every time I leave her apartment I feel like I'm glowing and can't wait to see her again. Being in her presence is the highlight of my week.  In only a few months, she has transformed my life.

Obviously, her website makes it clear how beautiful and alluring she is.  But no website can convey just how personable and kind she is. She has a sincere interest in my life and well-being.  She has motivated me to work out more and break out of my shell with others. I know she wants me to be a better person and takes the time to help me achieve that goal.  Her concern is deeply touching.  I have never served anyone else who has offered me tea, or performed crystal therapy, or interpreted my dreams.  Her effect on me has carried over to my vanilla life and at work, where I am more confident and outgoing.

I feel completely at ease when I'm around her, even though I am usually naked and wearing a pink chastity device.  It's all the more wonderful because she bought me the chastity device as a gift.  I had another one when I first met her, but she noticed it would slide off, so she got me a different, smaller, model!  The new chastity device fits much better and now we're experimenting with me wearing it for longer and longer periods.

After all that she has done for me, I can never repay her kindness. My greatest joy is making her happy and doing whatever I can to make her home more comfortable.  I truly hope that I can continue to clean her bathroom, scrub her dishes and run her errands for decades to come!

Latest Review 12/26

This was a heavy tease and denial session. I saw what looked like a light switch flip back on inside my sub. Although I did not sense emotional imbalances in my sub, I felt like there was some sort of internal veil, probably accumulated from a busy work life // responsibilities. There was a distinct moment an hour and a half into our session where his eyes suddenly had a clarity, a sparkle- I asked, "did you feel that?" his answer was, "yes, I did," with a beaming smile- he knew exactly what had happened even though I didn't say it. His face carried a new glow and suddenly, he looked years younger. I broke through and permeated his body with light  

How I achieved this? When my sub was bound to the chair, I spent quite a bit of time sending healing energy through him from his crown. This healing energy, in the context of the session, became erotically charged- he felt it surging right into his cock and it went right along with our tease and deny. I was touching him without touching him- a real mindfucker I am! :)

This was before my Reiki attunements so my energy was much stronger- that's why it felt like electricity, which even my first Reiki teacher noticed when I touched his shoulder and he tried to move away because it was so strong! Now it is gentler.

My intent: purge my sub of stagnant, old energies that were blocking his light. I likened it to giving him an internal shower.

After the session my sub reiterated how unique that experience was. I asked, "what did I do that was different from other dommes?" as I know he is experienced- he replied, "it wasn't what you did, it's how you did it,"


I had my first session with Aleta almost a month ago.  It was amazing.  I wanted to let some time go by before I wrote my thoughts to make sure I had some perspective beyond the immediate afterglow of the experience.  But the afterglow continues.  I, as I am sure many before and since, was first attracted by the beauty and sensuality that exudes from Aleta’s photos.   As I read her writing and watched her videos, I sensed that she has power far beyond her appearance.  She clearly is extremely intelligent, thoughtful and complex.  There also is an openness and vulnerability that can come only with great self-awareness and confidence. 

When I met Aleta in her room at the Gramercy Park Hotel, my impressions were confirmed, but there was so much more.  Being in her presence was intoxicating.  Above all else, there was an energy I had never experienced before.  It is a cliché to talk about someone getting inside your head, but that is exactly what it felt like.  She knew what I was thinking before I did.  She knew exactly what buttons to push and how.  I would have done anything she asked of me.  When Aleta touched me with her perfectly manicured hands, I could feel her energy enter me.  When she placed her hands on my head, I literally felt an electricity shooting down my body from my crown to my cock.  Her expert fingers on my nipples made me feel like I would explode.  In addition to being the most sensual and satisfying session I have had, it was unique.  I left with an energy and sense of calm that has stayed with me.  I cannot wait for next time.

Review 12/19/16

This multi-hour session started way before the date- my sub and I had previously arranged distance training during which I sent him to get panties and photograph himself in it every day (after reciting a mantra) to send to me. I wanted to get him in touch with his femininity, as masculine/feminine balance seemed important to him.

What was interesting to me was my sub had an awakening of his own many years ago- 8 years if I recall and for him, his ascension process was a gradual process of lifestyle changes. He is in incredible shape and takes great care of himself inside and out (and is highly spiritually disciplined- Yoga & meditation every day). Despite his extremely clean lifestyle, there was still residual baggage/stagnant energy that was holding him back from raising his vibration and maximizing his power. His intuition to reach out to me was excellent as I am known for my precision in terms of identifying and extracting emotional/spiritual stagnancy- I'll usually know, without knowing how, the cause and remedy. Even MY teachers are continually surprised at how advanced my abilities are.

We did A TON of work and the baggage I took out of him was deep, from almost a decade ago before his lifestyle changes. Immediately following our session he stood up a lot straighter and his back/shoulder muscles relaxed (which before, was due to a closed heart chakra). You could see a brightness in his eyes- a clarity. He said he felt drained and enlightened the day after, and today, he continues to detox as the energy imbalances are re-aligning (I noticed a misdistribution of energy towards his right, his masculine side). To feel drained is completely normal in this process- it's like doing a cleanse- it indicates deep release- and, you need to be emptied to be filled with new and better. He has moved up in vibration now, and better able to manifest his reality. I can't wait to hear how he does in the coming weeks.


About me: I am a believer in Female Led Relationships, Female Superiority, Chastity, Orgasm Denial amongst others and also in getting in touch with my Feminine side (Shakti). Being with the Superior Female energy and absorbing Her power. Bask in the glow of submitting to the Divine Goddess.In submission to the Divine Female.

So when I contacted Mistress Aleta, I already sensed that she was not your average Domme. She resonates at a higher frequency. BDSM is an extension of her spirituality and her tool for evolution, growth and healing. This is what drew me to her. 

My devotion and submission to Mistress Aleta stems from the fact that I knew it was time for me to move to the next level. And I knew that Mistress Aleta would be the person to do that. My submission to Mistress Aleta is to her divine feminine influence. 

I choose to remain chaste for Her, so that my sexual energies are focused on pleasing Her.

Finally the day approached that I would meet Mistress Aleta in person.I was ready in my submission. She walked in and apart from her beauty she possessed this magical aura. I felt that immediately. She instructed me to undress to my panties and wait for her while she changed. She also had me lay out all my panties for her to see, so she could pick one for me to wear for the next day.

She looked exquisite in her high heels, serpent stockings and corset. She started of by first warming me up with some spankings and flogging. She then had me lie down. she performed a cleansing ritual. And immediately she locked her property up. The device went on with ease which meant it belonged there. She then instructed me to get on all fours and bound my hands together with rope. She then proceeded to awaken my root chakra in the most amazing way. She kept this awakening going for a long time - during which I had 7+ internal releases. They were magical and caused my entire body to tremble and shake. The first one took a little time but they kept happening quicker in succession. I could feel her energy from her root chakra entering my root chakra via her heart and shooting out through my crown. I belonged here and still am. I was so open to her and accepted her energy with gratefulness. Then it was time to take a water break to replenish.

She then had we perform yoga movements as part of play. Being totally exposed on all fours, feels so primal yet spiritual. It was an honor to be exposed in this way to the divine Goddess. Free from fear, shame or guilt.

She unbound me and then had me stand up with my arms against the wall and my butt out. She then spanked and flogged me. After which she had me on all fours and continued with the flogging and then proceeded with the riding crop. She asked me to take the pain for her, which I did obediently. She reminded that it is thought pain that we find release and heal. Once again we took a water break and then she asked me to crawl to the bed and lie face down. I could not see what was happening, but then she said to get ready for the wax. Even before she finished saying that, I felt the drops of hot wax fall on my back. She started on my upper back, proceeded to the lower back and then down my butt and my legs. Interestingly I noticed I felt the pain on my upper back. This indicated I was holding tension/stress in that area. so she continued to drop wax in that area, and told me to breathe so the stress would be gone. Mistress Aleta was constantly reminding me to take the hot wax and breathe through it, as only then she said there will be growth.

Then she instructed me to turn over and continued with the hot wax, starting at my chest, down to my stomach, then on to her locked property, she had it entirely covered in wax. And then she made an observation - she noticed that when the hot wax was dropped on my chest and stomach area, I felt the pain, however, when she dropped it over Her locked property, I actually enjoyed it. This meant that my Yellow (solar plexus) and Green (heart) chakras needed to open more, so she proceeded to apply more hot wax to those areas. She did breath work with me and then I noticed I stop feeling it as much. 

Actually, the hot wax was more than what it seemed. Mistress used the hot wax as a vehicle for a kinesiological experiment. She knew that the areas I had energy blockages were the areas it was hurting (shoulders, back, heart, solar plexus). So she used this to guide her in performing Reiki on me and released the tension/emotional garbage and opened me up.

When she placed her hands around the chakras that needed further opening, she immediately picked on certain emotions that were holding me back - hurt pride, abandonment, betrayal. She rid me of these negative emotions that were no longer needed. The opening had happened. Amazing! Then it was time for a water break. How she picked up on these things, is due her spiritual intuition.

She then asked me to lay in the bath tub and wait for Her. She entered the bath tub and said it was time to mark Her property. Which she did. She then had me lay there and bask in the glow of Her marking, taking in the aroma. After which she asked me to rinse off.

There were moments where Mistress Aleta intituted certain things, such as my favorite number, and my root chakra intuition. She was able to tell that my root chakra was open and balanced because I came from a stable home. She has supernatural powers.

I must say, it was a magical experience. I write this the next day and have to say I feel drained as she released a lot of stored up emotions that were no longer serving me. I am also more in submission and devotion to Her. 

Thank You Mistress Aleta.