Vibrational Shifts

How do you know when you’re about to upgrade in vibrational frequencies?

What this means is there’s a heavy clearing in your energy field, patterns are being shifted out and therefore, everything in your life that doesn’t match your new energy will shift out as well.

You know because you’ll intuitively start clearing things in your home. You’ll suddenly feel like throwing things away or moving things around. You’ll also get a desire to purge energetically in other ways i.e. you’ll either start looking for healers, or upping your work out routine, or clear your body w/ saunas, treatments, colonics. You start to eat lighter. Things also start to feel unsettled and there’s a sense of “grasping”, it’s as if there’s a part of you trying to hold on to something for dear life.

These bouts happen to me infrequently, but when they hit, everything seems to go haywire. That means appointments I’ve had on the calendar randomly cancel, friends start dropping off, clients suddenly do too, and as scary and chaotic as it seems, there’s a part of you that’s assured, too.

You match with people and situations at certain frequencies and when you shift up and clear whatever match you have, they no longer can stay within your vibrational reality. That’s why suddenly, there’s a clearing in all areas of your life. YOU may even start to distance yourself randomly from people who it felt the days before, felt so close to. Suddenly there’s a repulsion where there was an attraction.

When this happens, stay calm because the new space will be filled with people and situations that match your new vibration and will introduce a new, better reality. It’s a human thing to hold on to things, but know that sometimes letting go is what frees you into a higher vibration.