TED Nomination

For those of you who've been asking if there's anything you can do for me: there is.

I would appreciate it if you'd nominate me for Ted here

I know that in this current political climate, visibility is risky, however, there's no better time to address sexuality, spirituality and offer an antidote to toxic masculinity (AND toxic femininity! It's not all on men!). Not to mention, to be a new face, new voice that shapes how BDSM/kink/healing is understood in the mainstream. I aim to share the potentials of BDSM through my own template of healing.

It's been a massive undertaking working through my own fear towards visibility, but here I am on the other side, ready, willing and I'm doing this to help liberate so many people in what is considered a time of spiritual, sexual, healing crisis.

I have nothing to lose. Join me on my mission to redefine, re-frame, and ultimately, towards radical empathy & authenticity.