The Submissive is Always in Control

Is that true?

No, that's a cliche.

It's not about the illusion of control, but truly if there is trust, attraction, faith, you can go a lot further. When someone trusts you because you've earned their trust and when you say you won't drop them, they'll fall backwards into your arms.

That's when you get into REAL power exchange.

Not everyone is willing to go that far, but if you find the right person and you can, so much opens up. It's limitless.

I don't know how many subs I've had who have all said to me, "I've never done that before" no matter how many dommes they've seen before. They let me, because they know I have their best interest in mind, they've opened up their mind and because of that, they've found a new pathway of pleasure and learned something new about themselves.

They learn to tell their own stories differently and that subtle shift in narrative means everything.


xoxo AC