It is my belief that there are some people whose psychologies and typologies respond best to kink as a tool for healing. The more I grow and explore, the more I'm realizing that's truth to me and perhaps an unconscious factor in why I chose this way to heal others.

I am visual, kinesthetic primarily. I have a history that's marked w/ unconscious highlights of power, gender and culture (i.e. discipline, authority, expectations of obedience). My body responds well to sensory and impact play that takes me out of my head where I tended to dissociate. I've tried so many different types of healing on my journey, and it brings me back to kink always because for whatever reason, it can access so much of the energetic/emotional stuff that needs to move out in ways that other healings can't. They all feel much more, surface level for me. Kink moves out the deep stuff that I, at this point in my life, don't know how else I would move out. 

I think because kink is such a deep part of ME. Kink is a deep part of all of us. It's there in our first relationships with our parents- the power dynamic. Even our cribs are like cages in a way. We crawl before we learn to walk. Most of the people who respond best to this type of healing are those who realized that kink was an innate part of them from a very young age. Then we later learn that we need to abandon this, or at least hide it, to be socially accepted, and that's why it then carries so much potential for healing because it's been buried so far into the shadow where it's also cross linked w/ so many other shadow aspects. It's like trying to exterminate a hive of bees. If you can find the queen first, then the whole hive relinquishes.

That true moment of surrender that brings us back to our nascency is a powerful antidote to many of life's hardest moments. In that state of being we harness, access, higher knowledge. Life force. That's the moment when we recharge in our purest state and tap into our internal resources.