Holding onto Others' Energies

Many times, the people I see for healing are those who are trapped under layers of energy that isn't even theirs. There's an unconscious mechanism at play where the person has been trained to take accountability for it, they hold it in their space.

Today I saw a woman who smiled so wide afterwards, and said, "I feel like a different person, but I'm the same person. I forgot this is what I feel like"-- I replied yes, your energy is naturally vibrant-- she spent so long carrying other people's pain that she forgot her natural state of being: pain free. effervescent. 

I remember that being the case for me for so, so long. I do also remember the day I remembered who I was, what I felt like. It felt like coming home, a home so beautiful I at first didn't feel I deserved it. I was used to living in a home that was cramped, uncomfortable, painful. When I first realized what "I" felt like, what came out first was everyone else's pain. My chronic back pain that sometimes immobilized me went away. After the sadness left, there was anger, frustration, and then finally, peace, awareness.

Remember what YOU feel like. And feel that YOU deserve that. YOU deserve to be purely you. Examine deeply the concepts held about what can be in your space, what you must hold onto, remember that the depression, pain, anxiety that clouds you, that dulls you, that keeps you stuck is NOT your reality and you CAN emerge from it. The healing process initially can feel a bit rocky and violent, as change is uncomfortable and all the stuff you suppressed coming out can feel like you're out of control- but stay with it. You need to go through it. You need to confront your demons to accept your full self without fear.