Erotic Hypnosis

Just to clarify, I DO offer erotic hypnosis sessions in person and via niteflirt (just call me on my primary line and specify erotic hypnosis). Although the majority of my sessions are not focused on BDSM and instead, centered on healing, these are the only sessions that are focused on BDSM and crafting your most vivid fantasies as perfectly as you can imagine them-- literally.

I LOVE using your mind as a tool to maximize sensation, heighten visuals and take you to uncharted places. The mind rules the body, and when I rule your mind, the possibilities are endless. I'm fascinated by how we can create so much pleasure in the soma, more than we can access when physically "awake".

You are in trance the ENTIRE time. This is real, intense hypnosis, a journey into the unconscious and its desires, not BS stage hypnosis or still functioning somewhere in between a trance and performative BDSM.

Are you ready for your most vivid, powerful, pleasurable experience? 

I am.