Latest Testimonial

This session was such a delight. My sub who is such a bright and interesting individual noted that this was the first time he truly let go of control in a session. He decided to come into it without telling me any of his interests beyond the power exchange and trusted that I intuitively could gauge him. I love that he knew how to maximize the experience for himself, and also what it was he needed on his path. Immediately I knew this was someone with many, many ideas, and that he was currently working on how to allocate and invest his energies for efficiency. I felt his energy which was mostly above his heart come back to its center and then finally, embodied, throughout the course of his session. That was my intent: to clear the pathway for his inspiration and ideas to come through to him so he was no longer using up his energy reserves in his mind and instead, getting back in his body to manifest his goals. Furthermore, I wanted to clear any obstructions for him to flow in alignment. 


My session with Aleta was a very powerful experience. I was initially very nervous but I felt a sense of calm as soon as I walked in. Aleta is the kind of person that you immediately feel at ease enough to share things with. Another thing I immediately noticed about Aleta and throughout the session is that she is unbelievably present; more than I have ever experienced with anyone else before. She is 120% engaged and with you.  I have done some BDSM sessions in the past but never in the context of spiritual/holistic healing. I felt sensations that I haven't felt before. Aleta stresses that the only way out is through, and I've internalized it. During and after the session, I feel more open to accept things and to let go of the past, which has provided me with a real sense of relief. I also felt bursts of inspiration and enlightenment, and a renewed energy wash over me. Aleta has helped me discover and unlock my full potential which all exists deep within. 

In the days following the session, I feel a lot less anxious and a sense of calm. I don't try to control everything around me and I just let the universe do it's thing. I've also been dreaming of things that I completely forgot about which is an indicator of the subconscious sorting things out and doing a "spring cleaning". 

Carrying the heaviness from the past has been weighing me down and finally letting go has allowed me a sense of peace, and I'm open to accepting new blessings that the universe sends my way. I feel like the journey has only begun for me, but I'm glad that I embarked on this journey with Aleta. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!