New Announcements

I have a new encrypted email: I'm still using my old one but for those who need ultra high security you can apply for submission there.

A new tribute page 

And a new very exciting expansion: I'm now taking sessions with women


A note on tributes: I am NOT a domme who thinks she's entitled to being tributed, and my work is something I love, tributes aside. What I'm doing here by 1. giving myself an opportunity to receive and 2. giving you an opportunity to give is also correcting an imbalance AND creating an opportunity for your expansion. 

What I mean by this is: prosperity consciousness means GIVING. Because when you are prosperous and holding this vibration, your cup is already full. This entails gratitude and noticing how much you have. When you give, you operate from this place of abundance which attracts abundance. Not to mention, when you create space (and therefore, rid of hoarding behaviors like greedy accumulation), you'll be surprised how quickly that empty cup fills. Nature abhors a vacuum afterall. The only way to receive is to give, is to cultivate a mentality of generosity. This is one of the first laws of prosperity- that to create it, we must give.

I learned this from a world famous guru during the time I was still studying with spiritual teachers. He said the only way to get God's attention when you ask for something by giving. He told us that he brings mala beads everywhere to give to the people he meets, because that's his way of getting his prayers met. He also told us that his spiritual teacher taught him the important lesson of creating a vacuum, creating space to receive by spending selflessly until his bank account was at 0. He of course, like every rational person, was horrified, but he was instructed to wait- and sure enough, he'd get a flood of prosperity, new clients, like never before. I've learned this lesson myself. As counter intuitive as it seems, it's always the day when I just have nothing that I suddenly get everything.

I've been a giver my whole life and will continue to be. And within myself, I'm correcting the imbalance that is, I give too much, by allowing myself to receive. Because I know the joy in giving, and by allowing receiving, I am giving someone else the pleasure of giving too.

xoxo AC