Clairvoyant readings

Hey everyone I'm now offering clairvoyant readings- these are specialized readings. I've been taking classes and the potential is vast as they can give you pertinent information & tools from a higher space. I am also a medium, so I can make contact with spirits, your higher self, etc. I was inspired to refine my clairvoyant skills after I had several life changing calls of my own even though previously I was a skeptic. You'll be surprised how much info you can glean that can help you to make needed moves in your life, how much guidance you can call on.

You can ask about anything including:



+Life path

+Aura readings

+Past life readings

I can see how situations play out in the past, present and future, however, I won't predict the future as the future is subject to change. Psychics who predict the future for you rob you of your free will- I'm not one of those "psychics" who convince you of curses, I'm a real psychic healer. I always preserve the highest integrity and will tell you everything I see and will never rob you of your free will or tell you anything that isn't aligned to your highest good. I'm here to guide and heal.

A reading is also a healing, so often times you'll feel recharged and clear (yes I can also clear auras and chakras on these calls etc..)

You can make an appointment with me via my new remote healing page or call me when I'm on niteflirt: