Accrual and Dependency

The reason why I mostly handle my in person sessions as one off, once in a life time experiences (besides my coaching track which isn't about dependency either, rather support/guidance) is because I don't believe in cultivating dependency. I innately trust that each person I encounter has their own agency and strength in self. As I've written about in the past, I see the strength and gift in submission and do not think that being submissive makes you weak or dependent. And anyone on the spiritual path seeking a guide or teacher ultimately makes up their own mind. That's my vantage point as a healer. I don't believe in taking your power, I don't believe in making you dependent, I don't believe in cultivating weakness. Instead, I receive power in our set space-- it's a fluid exchange of giving, receiving, not taking as you, the sub, are receiving energy and act as the recipient of many activities too. I'm sure I could make a lot more money if I cultivated a sense of dependence, but that was never my M.O. I believe myself to be a catalyst for change, a conduit for healing (however, it was up to me to find the tools and know how to apply them to each person) but it's not my job to fix a person or tell them they absolutely NEED more of something. I prioritize the best interest of the person.

As a domme, I understand part of the work is in an imbalance and in ego. The domme usually wants to be worshipped, the center of attention amongst a stable of slaves. Well, my handling most of my sessions as one offs counteracts that, and for the longest time I was closed off to personal slaves as I focused on my own healing and other ventures. I'm not an ego driven person- I never wanted to be the center of attention, and I give much more to my subs and slaves in energy, attention and care than I receive. That's why I keep my focus narrow. 

I understand that this isn't about me, it was never about me. And devotion to me is not devotion to me as person, as ego- it is actually devotion to the divine and the greater good. That's what I'm channeling into our sessions, afterall.